Carbon Dioxide Ensemble News: New Video “Unmaintained Heavy Machinery” in 4K + New EPK Landing Page

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (CO2E) is a collaboration with Thomas Lundy, Victoria Lundy, and Mark Mosher. We focus on live improvisational performance of Musique concrète and are based in Colorado. We’ve been performing concerts, festivals, and creating multimedia videos since 2014.

We have a new performance video plus a new landing page press kit. More info below.

Live 4K Performance Video “Unmaintained Heavy Machinery” in 4K

Ready for some copper heart played with dry ice by Thomas Lundy, live sampled into my Octatrack, along with Victoria Lundy accompanying on Theremin and live electronics?

Here we go 🚀. Copper Heart, Live Sampling, and Theremin – Oh My! Yes it’s the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble’s latest performance captured in 4K video with multiple angles with interactive visuals by yours truly.

This video was originally presented as part of the The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet 2022 Drone Day celebration which I hosted and performed in back in May.

New EPK Landing Page

I’m also excited to let you know we’ve spent some time doing a major refresh to our Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

Swing by this groovy page so see more info about our ensemble, live performance and behind-the-scenes video, press, photos from shows, and a list of all the shows we’ve played over the years.

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