Welcome to Mark Mosher Music. I’m a composer, producer, electronic musician, and multimedia performer. Scroll down this page for some highlights. Explore the site which is filled with original music, photos, and videos. I’m working on a major update to my multimedia concert show. Follow my news updates with email to stay informed.

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Mark Mosher, Boulder, CO.

Gig Notes: Denver Synth_Drone Collective November 26th, 2017, Textures Ambient Showcase

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FYI – I’m in per-production on a brand new multimedia concert experience for 2018.

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Testimonials & Buzz

“Your music is amazing and your performance blew me away. Incredible!”

Matrixsynth, Seattle, WA

“Best Experimental Mix Denver 2014 – Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression. Mark Mosher organized the Boulder Synthesizer Meet-Up to connect with others interested in using technology in music. He found kindred spirits in internationally touring trombone player Darren Kramer and Victoria Lundy of the Inactivists and the now-defunct Carbon Dioxide Orchestra. The trio played […]

Westword Newspaper – Mar 22, 2014

“Every note is finely crafted, and not one is wasted, yet it evokes a sense of freedom. Mark’s music is a celebration of possibilities.”

Chris Stack – Experimental synth.com

“Mark’s music is so innovative – simultaneously thought-provoking, intelligent, creative… One could hardly envision a more wonderful application of electronic technology.”

Elzbieta Nolan -Arts Commissioner, Boulder, CO

Goosebumps and Deep Breaths…I’m trying to restrain myself in writing this review as it’d be easy to come off sounding a bit hyperbolic… But these rich soundscape “stories” sincerely do thrill my senses… The concept for Sonic Encounters (so far, and in my interpretation) is this… You read a short text (sometimes the title is […]


Named one of  “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” by Westword Magazine in 2017

Named one of “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists”

“The first time I heard Mark Mosher play an electronic music festival, he was the standout of the entire weekend. His music was awesome, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This guy has music technology down!”

Geary Yelton – Publisher/Producer Nightgeist Media | Former Sr. Editor Electronic Musician Magazine

“Mark, your performances exceeded every expectation. The Videos don’t hold a candle to the awesome experience of your live show. MUST be seen in person to be believed…”

Steve Turnidge – Author “Desktop Mastering”, Seattle, WA)

“Some of Denver’s Most Challenging Music Finds a New Audience at DU…Perhaps out of this performance, a new crop of adventurous musicians will take root in Denver or at least a greater awareness of the existence of an experimental scene in Denver spread to people who might be completely ignorant of it.”… [full article]  

Westword Magazine – Oct 20, 2014

Featured Playlist

For those of you who are not familiar with my music, I’ve pulled together a featured playlist with a selection of full-length tracks from various albums of Science Fiction Theme albums , and Soundscapes albums. Use the music menu above to browse my entire discography.

If you like what you hear you can download high-rez MP3s or FLAC files name you price on Bandcamp. For you convenience, most of my music is also available for streaming on Spotify, and for purchase at standard pricing on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play.