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A fun multimedia video I originally posted as a YouTube short.
Video for my song Doppelgänger which I premiered on the big Modular-World Anniversery Show. This video was also selected for the Convivial Machines Exhibit at the Museum of Boulder.
Wow, I got to play the balcony of the Buell Theater under the dome of the Denver Performing Arts Complex in November. Here is a 1-minute excerpt.
It was such an amazing gig, I did a behind-the-scenes video. Hereare photos and videos from the show. Here is a detailed BTS blog post.
A quick look at a 1-minute jam with primary creative “instrument”, Ableton Live + Push 2 + Launchcontrol XL with a custom skin. Woo hoo!
I’ve owned Octatrack since 2013. Do I still jam with it. Hell yeah!

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