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Updated April 4th, 2021

Hey it’s Mark.

Scroll down to check out what I have coming up and also see some media on recent releases.

Working On New Live Set for Streaming and Eventual In-Person Shows

Here is an early peek at where I’m heading in 2021 with multimedia.

Next Live Performance May 8 & 9

I’ll performing a live set for the Modular World 1-year anniversary livestream. More details on my time slot coming soon.

For now check out this lineup of 120+ artists streaming for over 30 hours!

I’ll do a blog post on this when we are close to the date with details. If you’d like to be notified by email opt-in below.

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Latest Sonic Encounters Podcast

I released 2 new episodes to my Sonic Encounters Podcast called “Being Reprogrammed Through the Convenience of Your Screens” and “Beware the Siren Call of the Like Machine” on the Sonic Encounters podcast. You can listen on SoundCloudApple Podcasts, or use this feed for your fav podcatcher.

Latest Music Releases

Since December I’ve released 2 singles, an EP, and two sonic Encounters Podcast Episodes. I’ve also been a guest on a podcast. See my full catalog with 17 releases spanning back over 10 years on Bandcamp or search for my name name your fav music app.


A journey through the rise and fall of Beautiful Tomorrows, the theme park of the future. This EP is part 1 of this sonic journey.

Music: Written and produced by Mark Mosher
Cover Concept: Mark Mosher and Victoria Lundy
Cover Design: Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)


Latest Blog Posts


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