What is Media Art?

The term media art is understood to apply to all forms of time-related art works which are created by recording sound or visual images. A time-related art work is a work that changes and ‘moves’, in contrast to older art forms that are static, which stand still, such as paintings, photographs and most sculptures. Time-related art works include works in the fields of sound, video and computer art, both installations and internet projects, and single channel works. Single channel works are video works that are shown by projection, or on a monitor screen.” *

I can help you create…

by extending the talents of you or your team on your media arts project. As a sound designer, I can help you make unique and expressive content for your works. I can also help offer an artist/technical lense on instrument and product design. You can also license works from my discography for your project, film trailer and more. See my Services menu for more details.

I create, and perform…

as Sound & Video Artist and a Composer & Improviser. For over 2 decades I been working and playing at the intersection of art and technology. Along the way I’ve performed in bands, as a solo performancer, and with improvisational ensembles, I have also worked as a custom composer for picture, been a sound designer for live theater, released 4 cinematic electronic music albums, released soundscapes Sonic Encounters Podcast, released sound sets, curated pop-up concerts and art installations, and founded and hosted 50+ events for the 530+ member strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. [more…]

Mark Mosher
Boulder, CO