Sci-Fi Groovebox: Solo Electronic Music Set

This page offers a bio and overview of my current solo project called Sci-Fi Groovebox. It also offers some example live music, live videos from past performances, buzz & testimonials, photos and a select list of venues from performances over the last 10 years.


I am a Boulder-based synth composer / performer, multimedia artist, and organizer of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. My discography with 12 releases spans back 10 years. I’m also known for my interactive visuals based on live camera input and visual synthesis. I’ve had the honor of being recognized in multiple Westword magazine “best of Denver” editions.

I perform solo and in various collaborations and am the Creative Director of Synth Patrol which is an improvisational multimedia performance troupe.

For more visit my CV.

Sci-Fi Groovebox

The project name for my current solo set is Sci-Fi Groovebox. The set consists of original instrumental cinematic science fiction themes that are beat-driven songs with dark ambient interludes. The set includes popular songs from my back catalog as well as new material.

A groovebox is a self-contained electronic or digital musical instrument for the production of live, loop-based electronic music with a high degree of user control facilitating improvisation.

I perform on a set of high-end grooveboxes allowing me to do live arrangement and incorporate improvisation so the set time can range from 20 – 60 minutes depending on the needs of the event.

I can play this as a musical performance or a multimedia experience with tailored interactive visuals based on live camera input.

To give you a sense for the beat-driven songs which are the heart of the show, ere are some recent sketches that will soon rotate into my live set list as full songs.

Videos from Past Live Performances

Here are some videos representative of my performances to give you a sense of the show.

First up is a song from my album Fear Cannot Save Us called “New Heart Beating”.

This next song is “Gonna Rise Up” also from the album Fear Cannot Save Us recorded live at the Zodiak Free Arts Lab West concert series in Lafayette Colorado in January of 2020.

Next up is an excerpt of my 2019 single “Disconnected” recorded live at the Mountain Skies Festival in Asheville, NC in 2019.

Here is some fun GoPro footage from my sound check for a performance of an award winning show I produced at the Gordan Gamm theater in the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder. The song is “Dark Signals” from the album I Hear Your Signals.

Between songs I often improvise short, transitional, ambient interludes. The video below offers a long-form example of my ambient improvisations. It’s a guest solo performance with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrK) at the CU Atlas Institute Black Box. I’m doing my own visuals for this piece as well.

Buzz and Testimonials from Past Shows

“Every note is finely crafted, and not one is wasted, yet it evokes a sense of freedom. Mark’s music is a celebration of possibilities.”

Chris Stack, Experimental, Asheville, NC

“Mark’s music is so innovative – simultaneously thought-provoking, intelligent, creative… One could hardly envision a more wonderful application of electronic technology.”

Elzbieta Nolan, Arts Commissioner (Former), Boulder, CO

“The first time I heard Mark Mosher play an electronic music festival, he was the standout of the entire weekend. His music was awesome, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This guy has music technology down!”

Geary Yelton, Executive Editor at Synth and Software Magazine | Former Sr. Editor at Electronic Musician Magazine

“Your music is amazing and your performance blew me away. Incredible!”, Seattle, WA

“Mark, your performances exceeded every expectation. The videos don’t hold a candle to the awesome experience of your live show. MUST be seen in person to be believed.“

Steve Turnidge, Author “Desktop Mastering”, Seattle, WA

“Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” in 2017

Westword Magazine, Denver, CO

“Best Experimental Mix Denver 2014 – Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression… Kramer, Lundy and Mosher presented a tour de force on the current state of electronic music and its future.”

Westword Newspaper – Mar 22, 2014

Runner up for “2016 Best of Denver – Best Visuals for Experimental Music 2016”

Westwork Magazine


Select Past Venues

  • The CU Atlas Institute Black Box, CO
  • CU College of Music, CO
  • University of Denver’s Performance Black Box, CO
  • The Gordon Gamm Theater at Dairy Center for the Performing Arts in Boulder, CO
  • The Microsoft Store in Denver, CO
  • Electro-Music Festivals in NY, Indy, and Asheville, NC
  • Mountain Skies Festival Asheville, NC
  • Pacific Northwest Synthfest Seattle, WA
  • Art Institute of Sunnyvale, CA
  • Georgia Tech College of Design (Guthman Musical Instrument Competition)
  • Vance Brand Auditorium in Longmont, CO

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