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Techno Singles

#Techno #Cinematic #Minimal #Electro

Techno Albums

Beautiful Tomorrows : Electro

#Electro #Electronica #Techno

“Synthesist Mark Mosher returns on his first studio release in 7 years with a journey through the rise and fall of Beautiful Tomorrows, the theme park of the future. This EP is part 1 of this sonic journey.”

Music: Written and produced by Mark Mosher
Cover Concept: Mark Mosher and Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)
Cover Design: Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)

Alien Invasion Trilogy

#Techno # Electronica

This series is made up of three concept albums containing original cinematic techno, dark ambient, and experimental tracks. Each song stands on it’s own but tells a story if you listen in track and album order. Think of these as musical cues for an epic sci-fi movie yet to be filmed.

1 Reboot: The story of an alien invasion as told from the human point of view.

2 I Hear Your Signals: The same story as part 1 but told from the alien point of view with inverted emotional curves.

3 Fear Cannot Save Us: Picks up on the timeline after the first two parts telling the tale of co-evolution of an alien hybrid being.

Horror Soundscape Albums

#Horror #Dark Ambient

Sonic Encounters Soundscapes Podcast

Sonic Encounters began as a podcast in 2015 and is in it’s fourth season. Theses songs are improvisational soundscape with a narrative arc. They are a combination of electronic tonalities derived from pure synthesis from my original sound design work, and musique concrète using original sounds and field recordings. In other words, great for focused listens on headphones or background ambience as you go about your day.

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“Goosebumps and Deep Breaths…I’m trying to restrain myself in writing this review as it’d be easy to come off sounding a bit hyperbolic… But these rich soundscape “stories” sincerely do thrill my senses.

The concept for Sonic Encounters (so far, and in my interpretation) is this. You read a short text (sometimes the title is enough) on the premise of the “story” before listening. Then you listen to a purely sonic piece of field recording morphed with music, electronic manipulation, and performance, and you’re immediately transported via your own imagination’s 3D projection of his premise.

Mark’s become a consummate sound artist. He creates powerful imagery and elicits surprisingly keen emotional response from the listener without being heavy-handed. His economy and value in precision is proof of his skill.

Read each premise before you listen. [Example notes from Metamorphosis Under the Chatham Light”] Or not. No matter, the pieces will creep into your consciousness and take up residence.”  –

Past Seasons are Available As Albums

You can buy and download past seasons on albums on Bandcamp. Click covers to visit album pages.

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