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New Song “Beware the Siren Call of the Like Machine” for Sonic Encounters Podcast Episode SO4-E04.

I just posted a new soundscape called “Beware the Siren Call of the Like Machine” on the Sonic Encounters podcast. You can listen on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, or use this feed for your fav podcatcher.

Composer’s Notes

Beware the rocky shores of the Like Machine. There be danger there.

Producer’s Notes

The song was performed live on a Synthstrom Deluge. Deluge was fed with various sampled “musical objects” as follows:

  • Melody line was played live using a Sensel Morph in Live 11 using some very expressive MPE sounds created by the amazing sound designers Huston Singletary and Robert Bruce.
  • Drones and rhythmic elements were made on an iPad with the granular synth SpaceCraft.
  • The song was lightly edited in Ableton Live 11. Most FX are from deluge with a few reverbs and delay in Live 11 to sweeten the mix a bit.

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol