Congrats to Brian Funk on his 200th Live Pack – Birds of Prey

My friend and Certified Ableton instructor Brian Funk has just released his 200th Live Pack. Whoa that’s a lot of packs.

A huge congrats and thanks to Brian for years of creating so many packs filled with inspiring and expressive sounds!

I also want to mention that if you “pop the hood” on these packs there is a lot to be learned. He uses Simpler, Sampler, Instrument and Drum Racks in creative ways to transform found sounds into new and expressive instruments.

The 20tth pack is called Birds of Prey is free and really illustrates this concept as he transforms recordings of birds from his neighborhood into 7 expressive instruments and a percussive Drum Rack. You can download free pack here…

My neighborhood on the north shore of Long Island is home to diverse species of birds. Recently a pair of bald eagles began nesting in the area, and they have since raised 3 sets of eaglets to maturity. Red Tailed Hawk fill the air with their trademark screeching, and at night, you’ll hear, but almost never see, Great Horned Owls vocalizing their characteristic “whooo!”

As you may have guessed, I’ve been collecting samples of these majestic creatures, and today, I release a collection of instruments made from their calls.

The Birds of Prey Free Ableton Live Pack contains 7 melodic Instrument Racks and 1 percussive Drum Rack, all created from the samples of Hawks, Eagles, and Owls. You can “play” their calls in your own music. Check out the video below to hear the instruments in action.

Here is a video where Brian offers a tour of the pack.

My Collabs with Brian

I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with Brian on these packs – woo hoo!


Brian has a lot of interesting and projects rolling which you can check out using the links below.

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