Push 2 Lead Synth Jam Video + Push 2 Tip on How to Toggle Touch Stip Between Pitch Bend and Modwheel

I just uploaded this video of Ableton Push 2 Acid Lead Jam over Electro Track made in Live 11 to both YouTube and Instagram. In the video I make use of Push 2’s toucstrip as a Mod Wheel.

Somone on Instagram made the comment that they always forget to use the Modwheel, so I thought I’d offer this quick tip.

How to Toggle Touch Stip Between Pitch Bend and Modwheel

To toggle the touch strip between Mod Wheel and Touch Strip modes:

  1. Hold the “Select Button” bottom down. It’s on the bottom right of the instrument.
  2. While still holding this button down, tap the Touchstrip.
  3. You’ll see the mode will be briefly shown in the display.

Repeat the process to toggle back to Pitch Bend.

According to the manual

Note that pitch bend and modulation wheel functionality is only available when playing instruments in real time, and not when using the Melodic Sequencer. When a Drum Rack track is selected, the touch strip selects the Drum Rack bank.

Cheers for now,

Mark Mosher

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