I’m Performing a Multimedia Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Live Score for the 1910 Silent Film Frankenstein with the Carbon Diablo Ensemble on April 22nd, 7pm – Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be performing in a collaboration at the Lafeyette Experimental Arts Festival.

LEAF2023: Carbon Diablo Ensemble
Saturday April 22
Ryan Wurst & Aaron Alexander 7pm
Carbon Diablo Ensemble 8PM
Grime’s Hall, Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts, 200 East Baseline Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble and Diablo Montalban join forces as the Carbon Diablo Ensemble to present a multimedia deconstruction, reconstruction, and live score for the 1910 silent film Frankenstein.

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble performs improvisational musique concrète with interactive visuals. Members include Thomas Lundy on Copper Heart articulated with dry ice, Victoria Lundy on Theremin and Live Electronics, and Mark Mosher on Live Sampling, Visuals, and Mix.

Performance artist Diablo Montalban, the Master of Audio Disaster, mixes live art through sound collage, drawing inspiration from music, pop culture, and noise. Diablo works spontaneously, creating pieces that are unique for the moment.

The show is FREE and if you are on Facebook, please RSVP here https://fb.me/e/HWKIUzUN.

Behind-The-Scenes Notes

My Role

For this show I’ll be performing Live Visuals on Resolume, music using granular synths on iPad, and I’ll be doing the live mix for the ensemble including live FX processing for the Copper Heart and for Diablo Montalban’s spoken word.


On the left is my Surface Laptop 5 running Resolume Arena with the new Akai APC Mini MK2. Then a Mackie 802VLZ4 – Perfect Mixer for Live Sampling and Experimental Music Performance for doing a live mix. On the right is an M1 iPad Pro running AUM for FX for the heart and for Diablo, along with Samplr running custom reels I play live for the show. I have a Launchpad Mini MK3 that I’m using for hands-on control AUM. The iPad is powering a Focusrite 4i4 which routes audio and MIDI in and out of the iPad.

The rig is meant to be hot-swap resilient in that I can swap in my older Surface Laptop should the visual rig have issues, and an iPad Mini should there be issues on the audio side. I have a spare Focusrite Solo which is backup for the audio interface. If the controllers go down, I can run the show from the computer or the iPad itself. I’ve rehearsed these scenarios.


We’ve spent 2 and half months producing and rehearsing the show going through the following phases:

  1. Review film, Annotate film.
  2. Create our own story board for our presentation of the film.
  3. Decunstruction the film. Pre-production work to polish and render the film into clips we’ll use as video objects.
  4. Reconstruct the film and design musical cues. Design the show collaboratively and interactively in rehearsal manipulating the film objects and creating musical movements that we improvise around.
  5. Create title card sequences.
  6. Rehearse the show (many times).
  7. Design and product the graphics for show promotion.

Program Notes

Swing by our linktree for prgoram notes https://linktr.ee/co2e

Rehearsal Pictures

More Abou the Festival

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