Watch Replay of Louisville Ambient Experience Concert Livestream and Fundraiser Supporting the Boulder Wildfire Fund

On Friday January 14th at 7PM, myself and fellow Louisville-based electronic music artists Christoph Scholtes (aka monoscene), Victor John & Malia Martinez (aka Moss Pig) performed an ambient music & multimedia concert livestream. I performed live interactive visuals for myself and the other artists. For their sets I started from a blank slate and improvised using their music and performances as an inspiration.

This concert performance was a Louisville Cultural Council 2021 grant project and was performed at our very own Louisville Center for the Arts.

Like so many events, the “Ambient Experience” was postponed by COVID. Following the Marshall Fire, the artists decided to continue with the YouTube premier, with the request that everyone who watches the show and feels so moved please consider making a donation to the Boulder County Wildfire Fund

Watch the Replay

Thanks again to all who came out to last night’s premier of Louisville Cultural Council Arts Grant project “Ambient Experience” and the City of Louisville and to all those who donated.

Links for everything and everyone I mention here can also be found in my

Did you miss our concert and fundraiser last night? Want to watch it again? You are in luck as the concert and live chat archive are available on YouTube


This concert premiere was two years in the making and started with a meeting at Paul’s Coffee & Tee in Louisville.

The artistic goal is to combine live performances of electronic music with components of visual art to create an immersive Ambient experience. Originally intended as a live event with an audience at the Louisville Center for the Arts and supported with an arts grant from the Louisville Cultural Council, we had to change our plans to adjust to the constraints imposed by COVID-19.

We chose to record our performances at the Louisville Center for the Arts and prepare a video streaming event on YouTube for everyone to enjoy safely. Our plan was to premier the video on January 14th. Then on our community in Boulder County experienced the devastating Marshall Fire so with the blessing of the City of Louisville, this became a Concert & Fundraiser for the Boulder County Wildfire Fund

On the day we recorded the show, myself, Victor, Malia and Christoph arrived at the Louisville Center for the Arts and in one day, staged the show and popped-up ur own P.A., audio and video recording equipment, and lighting. We used the projector in the venue.

The recording session was private and the audience included a small number of family and friends. We did a quick sound check and then went for it and played each our sets in one continuous take.

Even though the audience was small, it was the first time I’ve been able to play solo in front of a live audience since the spring of 2020. It was so amazing to perform for an audience, especially one made up of family and close friends, so it was quite cathartic for me.

In watching this back, one of my favorite things about recording the show in this venue was how amazing the ambient light visuals looked as the reflected off the smooth white walls.


Thanks to the Louisville Cultural Council, the City of Louisville, Nik Martinez for the 80027 strong logo, Victoria Lundy of Cuttlefish Arts for the Ambient Experience logo, and to Christoph for his amazing video edit for this premier. Most of all, many thanks to all who came out to see the show live, those who are watched in replay, and special thanks if you donated,

Mark Mosher
Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Live Visualist and Multimedia Artist
Louisville, CO

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