What’s New in Luma Fusion 3.0 Multi-Track Video Editor for iOS

Over a year ago I switched from editing videos on Windows to using Luma Fusion on the iPad and have never looked back. It’s just such an amazing app with a great balance of having enough power to get the job done but not having so many features that it’s overwhelming. And you can’t beat the price at $29.99.

Made with Luma Fusion

Just to show you some of the possibilities of this app, here is a recent multimeda video I produced with Luma Fusion 2.x called Doppelgänger.

The video is made up of multiples layers.

  • Layer 1 – A live continuous 2-camera angle shoot of the musical performance in front of green screens.
  • Layer 2 – A combination of live footage from camera 2, video synthesis footage from Resolume. This was all composited in on the green screen.
  • Layer 3 – The entire video itself became a meta layer and I spent about a few hours adding a zillion visual FX edits both layers.

Being able to make so many edits with multitouch and the Apple Pencil without being tethered to your computer or your desk was both transformative and easy on the hands. I guess another way to put it is it can turn video editing into a series of organic sessions on-the-go rather than a grind at your desk.

This video was part of a 10 minute concert segment for the Modular World Anniversary Stream. If you want to see the full 10 minute performance with an interview including video field recordings I shot within a shark cage plus an interview with the host Johno Wells i my segment is at the 10h38m mark. This link should take you straight there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPZO1ykhJ0A&t=38338s.

What’s New in 3.0

One area I thought I could use a little improvement in was an audio.

I’m happy to report that the new 3.0 update really delivers in this department with a new waveform display, graphic EQ, some built-in audio effects, support for third-party autio units and more! Anther feature of note is support for external drives for iPads with USB-C and Thunderbolt – in other words the latest round of iPad Pros.

We’re excited about the new audio capabilities introduced in LumaFusion 3.0. The app has always had an incredible video engine; our goal is for the audio editor to be just as good for your post-production workflow.
AudioSync is another feature to get excited about in our upcoming MultiCam feature which will be released with the Director’s Pack. Instead of painstakingly adjusting each track’s position individually until everything lines up, you’ll be able to tap a button, and have LumaFusion analyze each clip’s audio to sync all of your clips automatically.

Improved Audio Editing in LumaFusion 3.0 – LumaTouch (luma-touch.com)

This is an amazing update (free to existing users). Check out a video and list of what’s new below along with a list of new features and improvements.


  • Video stabilization. The award-winning Lock & Load video stabilization technology from CoreMelt is fully integrated in the new Stabilizer tool in the clip editor.
  • External drive editing. Media is now accessed directly from external drives in the Files library source on iPads with USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. This feature can be turned off in Preferences if required, allowing files to be copied into LumaFusion when external drives are used.
  • Direct external drive export. Export directly to an external drive without first writing to internal storage using the Files destination. Available on USB-C and Thunderbolt iPads.
  • Graphic Equalizer. With the beautiful new graphic audio EQ, it’s easy to adjust audio frequencies in your projects.
  • Third-party audio units. Add and organize AUv3 plugins in the Audio Tool. LumaFusion supports editing parameters both in third-party custom UI and in our control stack**.**
  • Numeric keypad for sliders and rotation controls. Tap on the pencil button to use the new numeric keypad to input exact values. The nudge buttons have been moved to the numeric keypad.
  • Resizable UI. Drag the handle to adjust the Preview, Library, and Timeline to get exactly the workspace you want in each layout**.**


  • Press-and-hold on insert button (or use keyboard equivalents) to insert-to-main, overwrite-to-main, and place-on-secondary tracks**.**
  • Selection in Library and Timeline are now separate. Library selection shows selected items with white border, currently previewed item with yellow border**.**
  • Improved user interface styling
  • Quicker response when searching Storyblocks
  • Import/export sources have been simplified. Use ‘iOS Share and AirDrop’ for most iOS destinations (Files app, iCloud Drive, other app, AirDrop). Use the Files source/destination to link to specific folders to allow for direct import and export of your media.
  • FCPXML export adds markers to indicate unsupported features.
  • Improved stability and performance

More Info

You can get the app and update at the Apple store or get a link to the app from their web site. BTW, if you want to workflow of Lumafusion but only need to do light duty single clip editing it’s only $.99. Links Below.

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