(Modulate This) Deluge

Getting Started with Deluge? Check Out New Ron Cavagnaro Boot Camp Tutorial Series.

I picked up a Deluge in January. I haven’t written about yet – well – because every time I turn it on and think about writing something about it I end up getting lost in it and creating a new sketch of full song.

I do intend to do a post on my 6+ months with the deluge, but for now I wanted to pass along an awesome tutorial series. It’s great for those getting started. For seasoned users this is a nice review and you may find a few workflow tips and tricks you missed.

Ron Cavagnaro’s Deluge Boot Camp Video Series on YouTube

The beauty of the deluge is that it’s workflow is made up of all sorts of shortcuts. Once you know them, you can really go fast and flow. If you don’t know them it’s confusing. It’s a funny thing learning the Deluge from YouTube videos is often times people just go to too fast to keep up. Ron has already done 90+ videos on the Deluge I’ve always appreciated his clear step-by-step approach.

He’s even more methodical in this new series and really zero’s in on core features for those getting started. He introduces the Deluge’s amazing and deep workflow and clear and logical fashion. Each video has chapter markers making it easy to jump right to a topic.

Click here to go to the playlist for these videos.

And a big thanks to Ron for taking the time to put these together!!!

Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel where he posts performances and tutorials on other instruments.

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