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July 2021 – Catching Up With The Sonic Encounters Podcast

My last blog post on the podcast was in March 2021 and since then I’ve released 3 episodes totalling up to about 15 minutes of new music. That being the case I thought I’d do this post to catch you up.

First up is episode 5, “Being Reprogrammed Through the Convenience of Your Screens“. This piece coming in at just of 2 minutes is more on mechanical noise side of things utlizing granular synthesis.

Next up is episode 6, “Robot Dreams“. This piece is just over 7 minutes. It’s a more lush ambient piece and has original cover art.

Last up for this update, episode 7 called “The Signal Within the Signal“. This piece is an experimental soundscape made with granular synthesis using sampling and live-sampling of random radio stations.


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Catching Up On Past Episodes

There are hours and hours of music spanning back through to the first season in 2015. I’ve embedded a player below for all episodes which you can see if you are viewing this on a web site. If not click here.

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