Replay of My Multimedia Synth Performance and Interview for Modular World Anniversary Livestream… And, Yes I Was In A Shark Cage.

This blog post includes a link to the replay of my multimedia set from the epic Modular World Anniversary Concert the weekend of May 8th, 2021. The event featured over 130 artists from 24 countries! It also contains behind-the-scenes notes on my set.

Watch Video and Chat Replay On YouTube

Rather than include a link to just my set I’m offering a link to the reply from Modular World’s YouTube channel. That way you can enjoy other artist performances plus see the live chat in replay.

I’ll probably post my version of this someday but for now wanted to contribute to Modular Worlds view’s and likes – so take a moment to subscribe to the channel and like the vids if you dig the performances. Johno also took the time to put chapter markers in for each artist.

My set is at the 10h38m mark of Part 1. The link below take you right to that section of the video and my interview with host Johno Wells. At the time of this post this video which has many other artists performing just crossed 7,000 views 😲.

I hope you watch the whole set as here is a fun surprise at the end of the video which is followed by an interview about my set.

Part 1:


This 10 minute video took an elapsed 15 hours to produce.


The musical performance is made up of 3 movements.

  1. A techno song on Deluge. This is ALL deluge including lead synth played with Launchkey Mini MK3 controller.
  2. Musique concrète improv with Eurorack with ZOIA for FX all under control of Launchpad Pro MK3 with gestural control automation from joystick. Samples are original field recordings from Boulder, Chicago, Bath, and London.
  3. Krell electronic tonalities piece using ONLY ZOIA for voice and FX. It’s an original patch from INIT with Launchpad Pro MK3 for instrumentalities.


The  video is made up of multiples layers.

  • Layer 1 – A live continuous 2-camera angle shoot of the musical performance in front of green screens.
  • Layer 2 – A combination of live footage from camera 2, video synthesis footage from Resolume, and original footage shot in England, Belgium, and Hawaii. Yes I was in a shark cage with 16-20 foot Galapagos sharks! This was all composited in on the green screen.
  • Layer 3 – The entire video itself became a meta layer and I spent about 9 hours adding a zillion visual FX edits both layers.

Links to Part 2 and 3

At 34 hours, the event was too long to fit into just one YouTube livestream so there are 2 more parts. Note host Johno stayed up for 34 hours straight!!! Below are links to Parts 2 and 3 along with Johno’s closing performance video.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Closing Thoughts

A huge thanks to Johno for the invite and hosting. Also thanks to the whole community and those who left comments in the live chat. I REALLY appreciate your kind words. Lastly, thanks to al those taking the time to watch this in replay. I hope you enjoy it.



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