I’m Performing A Multimedia Set at This Weekend’s Epic Modular World Livestream Concert + Lineup & Schedule

I’m excited to be performing  – along with many of my Colorado synth friends – in the Modular World 1st Anniversary Concert with sets by 130 artists from 24 countries spanning 24+ hours!

Below is some info on the event, notes about my set, and a full lineup by time slot.

Overview and Links

Each artist will be performing up to a 10 minute set. Sets are recordings of live performances but pre-recorded to ensure the best quality. After each set, there will be a very brief live interview with each artist if the artist so chooses.

The event is so long it had to be broken up into 3 YouTube Livestreams. Swing by the link below and set a reminder for each.

Also, watch the show from YouTube itself rather than from an embedded video so you can participate in chat.

Show starts at 12 NOON Pacific,  1PM Mountain, 2PM Cetral, 3PM Eastern, 7PM GMT.


My Set


In honor of this epic event I spent over a month working on a new secret live rig (with the help of a few Synth Patrol agents who have  been sworn to secrecy). In that time I also redesigned my studio and evolved my visual practice so I could bring even more immersive visuals into my live performance videos.

I’m afraid I can’t show you a preview as this is all very confidential till show time 😎. All will be revealed during my set on Saturday May 8th.

Tune In to My Set

My performance will be in the Part 1 livestream. I’m 4th of 4 in the 9PM Pacific, 10PM Mountain, 11PM Central, 12PM Eastern, 4AM GMT slot. Click the link below to set a reminder and / or watch the show when the time comes.


Lineup and schedule

I pulled this info from YouTube descriptions to give you a sense of the scope of the event and as a general guide to find your fav artists. Make sure you refer to lineup within each video as show progresses to stay on top of any changes.

SHOW ORDER (NOTE: TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE, depending on length and frequency of live-chat with performers).

I bolded fellow Colorado performers.

Saturday, May 8:
12 NOON Pacific, 3PM Eastern, 7PM GMT
Gerald Fjord – US
Marie Ann Hedonia – US
Mylar Melodies – UK
Silent Strike – Romania

1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern, 8PM GMT
Jungle of Wires – Netherlands
TÆT – Russia
DUB station ZERO – US
P.O.B. – US

2PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern, 9PM GMT
Postulous – US
Frae-Frae: Daughter of Drexciya – US
ioflow – US
r beny – US

3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern, 10PM GMT
Elin Piel – Sweden
Sequenox – US
Alias Zone – US
John McKenna – US
Tangled Waves – Canada

4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern, 11PM GMT
Ramón Amezcua – Mexico
Trovarsi – US
OSC-1-Nation – US

5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern, 12AM GMT
Marika Tjelios (US)
Monoscene – US
Bachelard – Canada
Thynk – US
Walker Farrell – US

6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, 1AM GMT
DJ CherishTheLuv – US
Kako Guzman – US
Dysonant – US
Saddle Up the Robots – US

7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern, 2AM GMT
VoltageCtrlR – US
orphacoustic – US
Space Racer – US

8PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern, 3AM GMT
electric.kitchen – US
Drum & Lace – US
Sarah Belle Reid – US
The B-roll – US

9PM Pacific, 12PM Eastern, 4AM GMT
Navicore – US
Marci.DH – US
Jnatra – US
Mark Mosher – US

10PM Pacific, 1AM Eastern, 5AM GMT
Nasty Nachos – US
BboyTech – US
Snakes of Russia – US
earth_626 – US

11PM Pacific, 2AM Eastern, 6AM GMT
KIN – S. Korea
Patrick Donze – Singapore
Baséput – Indonesia
r.domain – Australia

Sunday, May 9:
12AM Pacific, 3AM Eastern, 7AM GMT
the soul science – Japan
Pulpit – Turkey
TakCharkh – Iran
Amphiprion – Germany
Johannes Karkia – Finland

1AM Pacific, 4AM Eastern, 8AM GMT
Tunegirl – Germany
xandr.vasiliev – Russia
a773 – Denmark
Arthur Hnatek – Switzerland

2AM Pacific, 5AM Eastern, 9AM GMT
Tulpa Dusha – Netherlands
Cinematic Laboratory – Netherlands
Jens Paldam – Denmark
Mike Lee Birds – Netherlands
Night on Mars – UK

3AM Pacific, 6AM Eastern, 10AM GMT
Allert Alders – Netherlands
Koyl – France
Sendepause – Netherlands
Paul Tas – Netherlands

4AM Pacific, 7AM Eastern, 11AM GMT
Analog Monoxide – Norway
Death Whistle – Spain
Little Ambient Machine – Netherlands
Angelia – France

5AM Pacific, 8AM Eastern, 12PM GMT
etchasketch – Wales
Probbie – UK
Kerblamski – US
Kitty Xiao – Australia

6AM Pacific, 9AM Eastern, 1PM GMT
Calytrix – US
Renku Corporation – US
Rick Batyr – US
Michelle Osis – Canada

7AM Pacific, 10AM Eastern, 2PM GMT
Moxy Martinez – US
Blakmoth – US
Dream Chambers – US
5tok3 – US

8AM Pacific, 11AM Eastern, 3PM GMT
Eden Grey – US
Aqeel Aadam – US
Sonja – Canada
Modekt – US

9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern, 4PM GMT
Todd Barton – US
Chantal deFelice – US
Omri Cohen – Germany
Thamel – Belgium

10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern, 5PM GMT
Dangerous Robot – US
JacqNoise – Germany
j.mccoy – US
Bertolt Meyer – Germany

11AM Pacific, 2PM Eastern, 6PM GMT
Loya – France
Attowatt – Germany
Lisa Belladonna – US
Ice Locus – Canada

12NOON Pacific, 3PM Eastern, 7PM GMT
Franck Martin – US
Megan Leber – Netherlands
A.M. Filipkowski – US
Woke-Ass Messiah – US

1PM Pacific, 4PM Eastern, 8PM GMT
Wounds – US
Tim Held – US
Lyburnum – US
Ava Koohbor – US

2PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern, 9PM GMT
Tom Hall – US
Alphastare – US
Dahlia Fae – US
Balance.Spring – US

3PM Pacific, 6PM Eastern, 10PM GMT
Collin Russell – US
Stujay – US
H. Anton Riehl – US
Kyle Munroe – US

4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern, 11PM GMT
Mike Dobler – US
Nundale – US
Pablo Perez – US
Circle Temple – US

5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern, 12AM GMT
Alex Barnett – US
WabiSabi – US
Malarki – US

6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, 1AM GMT
Kittyspit – US
Sine Mountain – US
Forestine – Canada
The Aefonic – US

7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern, 2AM GMT
Johno Wells – USQA

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