I’ll Be Performing at Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF] Friday April 1st

If you are in the Denver/Boulder Area come on out to the very first Lafayette Electronic Artis Festival [LEAF] on Friday April 1st at 7pm. I’ll be performing as part of the Denver Synth_Drone Collective along with other acts from the Denver area along with an artist from San Jose and NY.  The evnet is free (donations suggested) www.facebook.com/LafayetteLEAF. More infon on the festival below.

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This event was listed #1 in the “Ten Great Spring Music Festivals Kick Off Outdoor Concert Season in Colorado” by Westword Magazine.


Synth_Drone Collective is a group of like-minded sound artists, each with one synthesizer improvising ambient drone music. Players perform together focusing on single tone holds and sound manipulations as inspired. Synth_drone collective is kuxaan-sum, bios+a+ic, Wes Milholen, Mark Mosher, and Sean Patrick Faling.

The collective’s first performance was in December at Textures Ambient Showcase in Denver.

Here is an hour and half live recording of that show. If you dig it, consider a buy.

Note for [LEAF] event we’ll be focusing more on mellow minimal and atmosphere sounds :^)


On Friday I’ll be performing with the amazing Nord Lead 4 performance synthesizer which I’ve been devlopmening my mastery on for over 2 years.

Nord Lead 4 - Mark Mosher - 2016-03-06.JPG


Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF] is a showcase of experimental musical forms that bridge the classical music world with contemporary electronic and new media arts, including sound and visual components combined in new and novel ways. Sometimes called “visual music”, or “live audiovisual performance” or even “expanded cinema”, the one-night only event brings together international level artists from both coasts with artists from Denver/Lafayette to challenge the senses and explore the potential for sound and image in concert for a live audience.

The event starts at 7pm on Friday April 1st, 2016 and will be held in Founders Hall at the Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts, 200 E. Baseline Rd. in Lafayette, CO. The event is open to the public, with a 21+ cash bar available. Tickets are Pay What You Decide – the festival is free to attend and you may donate what you choose.

Performing Artists:

Benton C Bainbridge (NYC)
Live analog video/modular synthesis

Andrew Blanton (San Jose/Denver)
Marimba/iPad/live generative 3D

Orbiting Olympia (Lafayette)
Classical voice and analog synthesis
Eve Orenstein and Sean Patrick Faling

Synth_Drone Collective (Denver)
Ambient electronics
kuxaan-sum, bios+a+ic, Wes Milholen, Mark Mosher, and Sean Patrick Faling

Additional Events:

On Saturday April 2nd, one of the invited artists, Benton C Bainbridge, who teaches in the Computer Art MFA program at the School of Visual Art in New York, will be giving a brief talk covering the history of video performance, his own artistic practice, and the technology used in his and similar performances. The talk will begin at 10am at the CMF & CMA and is free and open to the public.

LEAF is sponsored by Arts Lafayette, a 501c(3) organization (http://www.artslafayette.org/), The Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts (http://www.comusic.org/), and The School for Visual Arts in New York (http://www.sva.edu/).

More Info: www.facebook.com/LafayetteLEAF

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