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Tune Into the Electro-Music 2015 NY Festival Live Stream


If you are looking for something to listen to as you go about your weekend I recommend tuning into Electro-Music 2015 Festival NY. That’s right – they are live streaming the concert all weekend long.

I’ve been to this festival for many years but couldn’t make it this year. I first went to this festival in 2010 and have been 4 times total. This festival was a life changer for me back in as I went just as I was starting out as a solo electronic music artist (after 13 years of gigging in a rock band) in 2010. I met so many amazing people and saw so many inspiring performances!  If you want to know what it’s like read my show report from 2010. I’ve also inserted a gallery of photos from some of the past events at the bottom of this post.

Tune In

They are Live streaming the event. Listen here there is a chat room link top right on this page.

For more information visit

Photos From My Past Trips to the Event

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By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

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