I Was Interviewed on Belgium National News to Talk About Percussa AudioCubes for a Story on Gestural Interfaces

Last week I was interviewed by RTFB which is the French speaking national news network in Belgium for a piece they were doing on gestural interfaces.

Those who have been following along know that for over 10 years I’ve used a very sophisticated wireless gestural interface called Percussa AudioCubes.

They were invented in by Belgian entrepreneur Bert Schiettecatte who has since relocated to L.A. and released the mega Eurorack module the Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

In my segment I briefly discuss how AudioCubes work and some uses for music, sound design, and expressive performance.

Link to Video News Report & News Article

Below is a link to the news report which aired last week which allow you to watch the video from their site. It’s all in French but you’ll get the idea or you’ll have to have Alex translate the nuances. My part is at 2m55s in English with French sub-titles (since I only speak English and a little Norwegian). There might be an ad pre-roll.

Watch News Segment

If you’d like to read the companion text news storey click here. Note it’s in French so you’ll need to use Google Translate or something similar.

Video Used in Segment

Here is the full video one of videos used in the segment’s b-roll. It’s a recent video using 6 wireless AudioCubes. All cubes are identical and their mode is and function is configured in Percussa’s MIDI Bridge app which I have mapped to custom Ableton Live template. In this configuration I’m using 2 cubes in Receiver mode so they can detect position and orientation of 2 other Sendor cubes. Then I have two more cubes in Sensor mode which allows me to use gestures and light to manipulate effects parameters. Cubes normally have no graphics on them. I made custom stickers so I could easily keep track of the role of each cube.

Links to Previous Works

If you want to see some links from previous work with the AudioCubes spanning back over 10 years, check out my post on this from last year.

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