I’m a Guest All Week on “This Means Something” Movies-by-Minute Podcast Examining “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

I’m super excited to let you know that I’m a guest all this week on the This Means Something podcast. Come geek out on Close Encounters of the Third Kind – woo hoo! In addition to talking about the film I recount some stories such as a trip to Roswell New Mexico, a trip to the UFO Watchtower in Southern Colorado (yes it’s a tourist trap but it’s fun), and some reminiscing about one of the first web sites in Colorado Springs which I created and featured stories the “Mysterious Valley” and fictional UFO tales.

[1/22/2021 I updated post to add last episode for this week plus I added some fun related photos at the bottom of the post or Roswell, the UFO Watchtower]

This Means Something…, a movies-by-minutes podcast examining the 1977 science fiction classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, co-hosted by Tierney Steele (M*A*S*H Minute, Joe vs. the Minute, Never Ending Minute, Return to Oz Minute) and Chrs Frain (Open the Podcast.

You can listen to and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or visit their official page This Means Something… (libsyn.com) for links to more podcatchers. Don’t forget to subscribe :^)

I also want to mention that Chis also made the fantastic podcast theme music. You check out more of his music over at Music | Chris Frain (bandcamp.com)

If you want to punch into my episodes use the links below. Scroll down to see some fun pictures in the show notes.

My Episodes with Show Notes

Episode 26: We Were Promised UFOs (Jan 16, 2021)

Audio/visual synthesist begins his visit with the podcast with a discussion of mysterious figures, the apocalyptic origins of certain folk songs, and attempts to describe small alien spacecraft. 

Episode 27: The Ballad of Ohio L Tolls (Jan 19, 2021)

Mark Mosher keeps the party going with Tierney and Chris as they discuss the Samurai Robot Head UFO and his friend, Red Woosh, and the labor-saving techniques used to film the toll booth scene. 

Episode 28: The Ballad of Buddy Joe Hooker (Jan 20, 2021)

Audio/Visual boffin Mark Mosher lends his conversational talents to the podcast again, contributing to an exegesis of the “Ohio Tolls” and hot pursuit scenes. Together with Chris and Tierney, they discuss Coyote Ugly, the sometimes dangerous profession of stunt driving, and what websites in Colorado Springs used to look like, the Mysterious Valley and UFO Watchtower in Colorado.

Related Photos: UFO Watchtower – September 2019

In 2019 The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (Myself, Victoria & Tom Lundy) took a road trip to Santa Fe to see Stereo Lab perform at Meow Wolf, and of course to experience Meow Wolf. We also met up with musician and podcast host Chris Frain there. We took the back way down on CO 285 and made a stop off at the UFO Watchtower near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Here are some pics.

Chanl-Z Web Site

Episode 29: The Population of Roswell is 48,411 (Jan 21,2021)

Mark Mosher kicks off the episode by describing his trip to Roswell, New Mexico and the annual UFO Festival. Chris and Tierney lament 70s interior design and clutter, while spotting some Tri-State-Area accent from Richard Dreyfuss.

These are photos from a tip I took with my daughter to the Roswell, NM 4th of July weekend in 2015. The town is super into the theming and everywhere you look you see flying saucers and alien heads. Fun fact, Roswell is also the largest suppler of mozzarella cheese in the US.

All the aliens in the pics are in the International UFO Museum and Research Center and are models. Sorry they are not real. It was still a lot of fun to visit once :^) Speaking of this…

Although there is no evidence that a UFO crashed at Roswell, believers firmly hold to the belief that one did, and that the truth has been concealed as a result of a government conspiracy. B. D. Gildenberg has called the Roswell incident “the world’s most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim

Roswell UFO incident – Wikipedia

Let’s start with a video clip from the museum.

Now for some pics…

Episode 30: Hitting the Sh*t Quota (Jan 22, 2021)

In a particularly foul-mouthed episode (all beeped for your protection), Mark Mosher wraps up the week as he joins Chris and Tierney in discussing 70’s kid bedroom decor, Neary’s Keanu moment, and another installment of Kids Review Close Encounters.

A huge thanks to Tierney and Chris for having me on. I had a great time!

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