DEVO Live Streaming Event

DEVOtional 20th Anniversary Tribute Livestream Saturday Nov 14th 6-10pm EST!!!

Heads up spuds – Michael Pilmer founder of and founder of the DEVOtional event 20 years back is hosting the DEVOtional 20th Anniversary Tribute Event LIVE on YouTube.

The event is streams today Saturday Nov 14th 2020 from 6-10pm EST here!!!

Being a tribute to our DEVOtional event, we’ll be reminiscing past gatherings, sharing stories with our fellow DEVOtees and discussing our personal experiences as DEVO fans. We’ll also have a few VERY SPECIAL GUESTS… On top of that, we’ll raffle off a number of highly devolved itemsSo don’t miss it! BUY RAFFLE TIX HERE

Also, last night…

BTW: Our pals THE FANTASTIC PLASTICS [performed] an hour of DEVO music on Twitch…

The DEVO covers start at the 1h10m mark of the 4 hour stream and included some fun performances and various costume changes 😀. Click here to start at that location – although the rest of the stream and their Twitch channel is VERY DEVO :^)

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