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Brian Clevinger’s Rhizomatic Plasmonic Synth Demo Now Available + Livestream Interview

Introducing Rhizomatic Plasmonic

Brian Clevinger, the creator of Absynth, started his own company a while back called Rhizomatic Software Synthesis. His first new instrument is called Plasmonic.

Click Image to Enlarge

Here is a 4 minute intro video.

Plasmonic combines the resonant depth of physical modeling with subtractive synthesis. Our goal is for Plasmonic to approach the depth and detail of an acoustic instrument, while making it easy to shape the sound into anything you want. Its deep modulation capability and MPE support make it very playable and expressive.

Plasmonic Demo

I was in the private beta for Plasmonic so I’m excited to let you that while the synth is still “available soon”, you can download the demo here.

Limitations of the evaluation version:

  • Save is disabled
  • No total recall
  • Audio stops after 30 minutes

Interview with Brian Clevinger

ThePluginGuru announced on his Facebook page he’s interviewing Brian Clevinger today (Saturday November 14th) a 12pm PDT.

I will be interviewing Brian Clevinger (Absynth and Plasmonic creator) – if you have any questions you’d like me to ask him – ask them here – or come to the event and ask him yourself, if you’d like.

Here is a link to the livestream.

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