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January Artist News: Doing Visuals tonight, Studio Update, New “Events” Category and “Now” Page…

A few updates.

Next Performance

First off, reminder that I’ll performing visuals for a show tonight (January 26th, 2020). Here is the official Facebook event.

Studio Album Update

In case you missed it, I’ve been working for over a year on my first studio album in over 5 years.

The songs have been composed and recorded. I’m in final mixdown and mastering.

I’m redesigning my studio space to make mixing and mastering more comfortable. I was originally going to get a bigger monitor speaker setup than my current 5″ but after doing some reviews I decided to go with smaller powered micro monitors so I can mix longer with less fatigue. I’m going to give iLoud Micro Monitors a try

I’m also reworking my desk solution to get a sit/stand desk. Until I get this all worked out I’m taking a break on album production. Should have all this sorted in a week or two.


I’ve been doing subscribe-exclusive posts on Jamuary but haven’t put anything out as a blog post on this here yet. I’ll do a more formal blog post on this after January linking to all videos. For now check out the YoutTube playlist for the videos I’ve posted to date and to see new ones I finish before the end of the month

Web Updates

I changed my event pages work. I used to maintain a table with events in it. It was difficult to edit and keep up with. Inspired by my friend Victoria’s site, I decided to simply create a menu that links to posts categorized as “Events”. It took me a few hours, but I went back through every post spanning back to 2008 and to categorize events. So new upcoming and past events are simply here…

I’ve created a new page called a “now” page. I bumped into this idea via after listening to Brian Funk’s podcast with CD Baby Founder Derek Sivers I thought it was really interesting. After listening I swung by Derek’s web site and discovered and idea called a “now” page. Here is the concept If you have a site you might want to consider a “now” page in addition to your “about” page here is even more info

This inspired me to create a “now” page for my artist site which is here…



By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol

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