Sonic Encounters Podcast 003 – Children Of The Gods Find The Weather Machine

What happens when the children of the gods get a hold of the weather machine? Listen to find out.

Production Notes

I recorded the piece in one real-time pass with no edits to a Zoom H2 running on battery. The song is primarily  based on the field recording of a thunderstorm. Most of the low bass sounds is a manipulated thunder clap. I recorded this in a park in Louisville, CO on my Octatrack running on battery.  I performed the piece by playing the OT in chromatic mode and by manipulating parameters in real-time – so no sequencing.

Field Recording 
  • Date & Time: June 2013 Rain and thunder storms are field recording from Louisville, CO.
  • Location: Louisville, CO
  • Recorder: Zoom H2n
  • Format:  44.1kHz/24bit 120 degree stereo

Additional Source Audio (Octatrack Food)

The somewhat rhythmic resonant sounds are a heavy manipulated guitar sample courtesy of Denver musician Kent Barton. The choir sound is a manipulated choir sample from an Alchemy library.

Instrumentation & Instrumentalies

  • Octatrack

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Published by Mark Mosher

Synth Composer & Performer | Multimedia Artist | Producer | Founder of NewEcho Productions, LLC

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