Ableton Analog Experiments


I’ve been experimenting lately with programming Ableton Analog from “init”. I have a rich set of VSTs so I’ve not given Analog much attention but after spending some time with it recently, I’m finding when you rack it up and add some effects and assign params to Macros you can achieve some pretty interesting sounds.

Here is a sound I’m currently working on: 01 – Sound Design Experiment with Ableton Analog by MarkMosher 

Everything you hear I created using a single patch in real-time by modulating parameters assigned to macros. Ableton effects used are Arpeggiator, Bit Reduction, Limiter, Ping-Pong Delay.


If you need some help getting started with programming Analog I recommend you check out Nick’s Tutorials Analog vids.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

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