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One of the best parts about working on Modulate This is that I get to meet a lot of interesting artists, sound designers, producers and developers. So, I thought I'd do a post with links to sites where you can follow/add me. Check out the links below.

Modulate This!
Of course if you haven't done so, you can subscribe to this blog.

Twitter In addition to blogging here, I've taken to micro-blogging on twitter. It's less formal than on Modulate This and I post more often as I wander about the internet and such. It's more of a blend of music along with my my other interests in internet marketing strategy (day job), visual planning and productivity, life around Boulder/Denver.

Electronic Musician
I try not and go on too much about my music projects in this blog and stick to posts that are educational and informational for electronic musicians and producers. However, if you want to connect with me as a musician use the links below.

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