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Mark Mosher Electronica Album REBOOT – Production Notes and Insights Into DIY Distribution with Bandcamp


REBOOT Announcement
I’m happy to announce the release of my new album electronica REBOOT. I’ve been working on this project on and off for over 2 years. In this and future posts, I’ll share some behind-the-scenes information on the project and DIY music publishing that I hope will save you some time.

Get Reboot Now
I decided to currently offer REBOOT using a “pay what you will” model. Although the suggested pricing is $6 for the 7 song album + digital booklet and $1 for singles, you can name your own price including specifying $0 for free downloads.  You can download/buy from my Bandcamp page –

About Reboot
First let me say that I think you fellow electronic music artists are going to enjoy the album. It’s loaded with complex layers and lots of synth “ear candy”. The album was composed, performed, produced, and mastered using Ableton Live and a Windows Laptop. With the exception of vocals, ALL instruments are virtual – in other words the album is 99.9% digital. Most songs are made up of around 30 tracks.

Production Notes

Virtual Instruments: Ableton Sampler, Operator, Simpler, Impulse; Lennar Digital Sylenth1; reFX Vanguard, Slayer 2; Tone2 Gladiator 2; Camel Audio Alchemy; Native Instrument Absynth 4, Massive; Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Image-Line Morphine, Toxic Biohazard III; Future Audio Workshop Circle; SonicCharge Synplant, FXPansion DCAM Synth Squad. I think I go them all ;^).
Controllers: Novaton Remote SL, Korg nanoKey/Kontrol, M-Audio Trigger Finger, Akai APC40, QWERTY Keyboard, Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Digital Effects: All effects were produced using Ableton Live’s built-in effects or with effects within virtual instruments with the exception of Image-Line Gross Beat and Multiband Compressor
Finalizing & Tagging: Sony SoundForge 9, Mp3tag

Phased Plan for Digital Distribution
I decided to distribute digital only for now and do a phased release and slowly build up distribution channels. This will allow me to stay focused on music and not get completely bogged down in managing distribution. In addition to launching a landing page on a publishing site I wanted to integrate links into so I could build equity on my own site and centralize distribution.

Bandcamp Publishing Solution
After much experimentation with various social media music distribution sites, I settled on Bandcamp for phase 1. I really like Bandcamp. It focuses more on distribution than trying to compete with social media sites. Instead it offers many sharing options that allow visitors to spread the word. It simply makes publishing a breeze. It’s very simple and clean. Integrating with PayPal is a snap. It also has some nice widgets that allowed me to use Bandamp for heavy lifting on the music page on my site.


Pay What You Will
Bandcamp also supports the top high-rez audio formats and offers a flexible system that allows for many options for payment. Pay what you will, minimum payments, free but force an email address and more.

More on Self-Publishing…
If you’ve never self-published, there are a tone of little details behind the scenes – tagging, ISRC codes… I’ll post more on this in the future.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Composer, Sound Designer

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The Making of The Techno Single “They Walk Among Us” Using Ableton Live + VSTs

In this epic post I’m going to share some behind the scenes notes on what it took to compose the song “They Walk Among Us” from the 2009 electronic music sci-fi themes album REBOOT. If you have any friends who think that all us electronic musicians do is just drop canned loops and hit buttons, have them read this – of course they’ll have no idea what I’m talking about ;^).

Links to the Song

You can download the song for and album for free or name your price on Bandcamp. The song is also available for streaming and purchase on most outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon MP3.

About the Song

Here is a fun blurb I put together when I first posted the song that will give a feel for what I was going for:

This song has an interesting story. You see –  I traveled back in time with my music production laptop and a pile of virtual synthesizers to score a 50’s Sci-Fi B-Movie. “They Walk Among Us” is the result, Will any humans survive? You’ll have to listen to find out. Extra points if you can tell me the Morse code message in the end of the song. So If you like theremins, 50’s SCI-FI B-Movies, flying saucer sounds, big beats and ear candy I think you’ll really dig this track.

DAW, Synths, Tools, and CPU Usage
The song was composed, produced, mixed, and mastered entirely with Ableton Live 8 on an HP DV6500T Laptop using Windows Vista 32-bit Premium.

I composed all elements of the song in Session view using a Novation Remote SL controller,Korg NANOKeys, TriggerFinger, and the Qwerty keyboard to play notes. I also used a Wacom Tablet and my Laptop touchpad to enter and edit notes. I experimented with arrangements and created scenes in session view. I then practiced with these scenes to the point where I could perform the song structure live. I did a real-time recording of my work in session view to create the Arrangement view of the song. Then I stayed in Arrangement view and added a few more parts, mixed, and automating.

The song is all digital and no external hardware was used. There are 31 tracks. Most are “MIDI” and most are third party VSTs. As you can see below, I’ve used A LOT of Sylenth1 for this song. While I did use some factory presets, there are many heavily tweaked or effected presets. I also did some custom preset programming from scratch which I’ll describe in more detail below.

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SCOREcast Podcast the Emerging Film Composer – Episode 18 Links


I’m a big fan of Twitter. Twitter has been a great way to find and connect with others with similar interests – more so than any other social networking too I’ve used.

I recently met the composer Dean Ogden  on Twitter and discovered that he and fellow composer Lee Sanders have a great podcast called SCOREcast (Podcast | Facebook Page). It’s a Podcast for the Emerging Film Composer which offers an insider's view into the art, technology, and business of writing music for films and television.

Dean asked me and many other composers around the world to contribute to a segment in Episode 18 by offering some links to web sites recommend for emerging composers.

I recommended:

SCOREcast Episode 18 just went live. My portion appears at the 26:24 Min mark. It’s a great podcast  and the "links" segment had so many great links in it I decided to take the time to create a mind map to document all the composers pages and their recommended links. I posted this "bookmark" map to a web site so you could browse through the composers and easily jump to the web sites mention. The web site has links to a downloadable Mindmanager version and interactive PDF version of the map.

 Click here to access this hyperlinked bookmark map.


Mark Mosher

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The DVD and Soundtrack for the Film “One Six Right” are now available on Amazon

Last year, I licensed a song called "Flight" into the film One Six Right. My song appears in the extra features of the DVD and in the soundtrack. Both the DVD and soundtrack are now available on If you are even remotely interested in flying you’ll find this film interesting. This would also make a great gift for someone who was interested in aviation.

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Mark Mosher Music Licenses Song to Motion Picture

Onesixright_smI’m happy to announce that Mark Mosher Music has licensed a song into the extra features of the DVD and the soundtrack to the motion picture One Six Right – The Romance of Flying. Both the DVD and soundtrack are on sale now. Please visit to learn more and purchase.


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Check out

I just spent some time updating This is my portfolio site for my music and sound design work. This site is a full flash site meaning it’s filled with cool animations and sound effects. I also developed a custom flash video player that will allow you to preview some of my work synced to video.

There are also pointers to the latest project that involved music and audio production and the motion picture One Six Right.

If you’ve never checked it out, give it a look.