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Sensel Unveils Haptic Touchpad

My good friend Dino J.A. Deane just give me a heads up on this video from Sensel on their new haptic touchpad they revealed at CES 2021.

Here is the press release Sensel Unveils Groundbreaking Haptic Touchpad At CES 2021 (

Sensel’s Haptic Touchpad combines three different proprietary technologies to create a uniquely satisfying and advanced interactive experience. It starts with a Capacitive Touch Grid, which captures an extremely high resolution touch image on the surface of the pad. Then, Sensel’s Force Field Technology captures the amount of force applied per finger and converts it into both force and shape data. Last but not least, Sensel developed its own Direct Drive Haptics, which provide powerful kicks in one moment and crisp clicks in the next based on the amount of force applied…

Additional Specs and Features include:

Haptic Control: Sensel’s direct drive haptics technology allows you to dynamically adjust the haptic effect the user feels when they press on the touchpad.

Incredible Linearity: A combination of a high-resolution touch grid and Sensel hardware compression provides a best in class linearity of <0.5mm across the entire sensor.

Less False Touch Failures: With electrodes that are spaced closer together, the solution is less susceptible to false touch failures even with smaller finger sizes.              

Dynamic Scanning Rates: Dynamic scanning at various resolutions allows for performance when you need it while simultaneously balancing lower power consumption.

I’m a big fan of the Sensel Morph (see related blog posts) so I’m looking forward to seeing and using this sort of tech for both controlling applications and as an expressive controller for musical instruments.

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