Halloween Music Mind Map

Mind Map Celebrating Horror & Sci-Fi Soundtracks with Synths + Halloween Albums by Myself and Another Colorado Artist

Thereminist Victoria Lundy, synthesist Chris Frain and I recently got together to do a presentation Celebrating Horror & Sci-Fi Soundtracks with Synths.

Prior to the event we created a rather large interactive mind map from which we could present and play media. We only covered a subset of films on the map. Of course even though the map is large it only captures a fraction of the movies that feature synths.

Still, the map is a fun way to explore films and composers so I’ve published it publicly. You don’t need any sort of account to browse the map.

A few tips on navigating the map are below.

Speaking of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great way to plan creative projects such as album releases, studio reorgs, events and more.

My recommendation for web and mobile is Mindmeister. They have a free account that gives you 3 free maps. Full disclosure I’m an affiliate but I would recommend Mindmeister even if I was not.

If you want to help me out a little you can sign up for a free account with the my affiliate link here

If you are looking for a desktop Mind Mapping solution I recommend

I’ve used both solutions for over a decade.

Halloween Music by Myself and Victoria Lundy

Need some creepy music for your Halloween and beyond…

Happy Halloween!

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