What’s New in Ableton Live 9.5 Mindmap

I created "What's New in Ableton Live 9.5" using MindMeister. Check out my public Mindmeister channel for other maps related past version of live and synth tech in general. Note the What's New in Live 9 mindmap has 14K+ views – woot! Note – I'll add a separate map for Push 2 soon.   https://www.mindmeister.com/maps/public_map_shell/605822580/what-s-new-in-ableton-live-9-5-by-mark-mosher-http-www-markmoshermusic-com?width=720&height=500&z=auto&presentation=1

Mindmap – What’s New in Ableton Live 9.2

Live 9.2 is in beta. I put together a mindmap of what’s new to go along with past mindmaps. What’s New in Live 9.2 What’s New in Live 9.1 (over 7,000 views) What’s New in Live 9.0 (over 13,000 views) Here is an embedded version of the map. https://www.mindmeister.com/maps/public_map_shell/513173085/what-s-new-in-ableton-live-9-2?width=550&height=400&z=auto&scrollbars=1&presentation=1    

New Mindmap: What’s New In Ableton Live 9.1

I published a new Mindmap on “What’s New in Ableton Live 9.1”. Even though this is a point release there are quite a few new features. Dual monitor support and lots of Push updates in this release. View the Mindmap here. You may also want to check out my “What’s New in Ableton Live 9”Continue reading “New Mindmap: What’s New In Ableton Live 9.1”

View Mindmap of What’s New in Ableton Live 9

Every month I host the Boulder Synthesizer Meetup which is the 2nd Tuesday of every month. This month I delivered a “What’s New in Live 9” talk along with Darwin Grosse from Cycling ‘74. To prep for the meetup, I dug through the Ableton web site and Live 9 manual and then documented the newContinue reading “View Mindmap of What’s New in Ableton Live 9”