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Performing Sunday January 27th with Denver Synth_Drone Collective

Textures Ambient Showcase
Sunday January 27th
7:30 pm Synth_Drone collective
10:30 Blank Human

thought / forms galley
99 Kalamath Ave, Denver, CO

$5-10 donation is suggested

Denver Synth_Drone Collective

Synth_Drone collective with kuxaan-sum, bios+a+ic, Mark Mosher, Chris Sessions, Distance Research perform a live collaborative 2+ hour set starting at 7:30pm

I’ll be bringing my Nord Lead 4 for this show.
Video of past performance

Blank Human

Blank Human performs a late night set around 10:30 pm

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol