Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk) Show at Fiske Planetarium Tonight


Spreading the word – tonight (November 8th, 2017) the Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk) will be performing at Fiske Planetarium. The show is free and goes from 7:30pm-9pm. Doors at 7pm.

Details on this Facebook invite.

The Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk) performs the music of Sun Ra and other “Songs of Space” featuring Fiske’s full dome sonic visualizer “Liquid Sky.” The concert is free and open to the public. Seating is limited and doors open at 7pm.

BLOrk integrates a variety of music technology with live performers and is an ensemble at the College of Music at the University of Colorado Boulder. Now in it’s 10th year the ensemble is directed by John Gunther and John Drumheller.

The program features composition by visionary bandleader, composer, arranger, artist, and poet Sun Ra. Also featured is the electronic/groove based compositions by BLOrk-member Colin Hill. Songs of Space features incredible planetary visuals, NASA recordings, and scary space creature noises.


A Rocky Mountain PBS video featuring BLOrk.

I had the honor of performing with BLork in March. Here is a video of my solo piece within the larger performance.

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