(Modulate This) Synth: U-HE Bazille

Patching U-HE Bazille: #01 FM Shred Demo


I’ve been playing around with the demo of Bazille which just released and thought I’d share a little experiment to help illustrate how basic patching works. Click the image above to pop it up in another windows.

In this patch called “FM Shred” I’m using OSC 2 to frequency modulate OSC1. Here it is step-by-step

  1. I patch the output of OSC2 to the pitch of OSC1 and turn the bi-polar gain knob left so it take the pitch down.
  2. I patch ENV2 to control the volume of OSC2.
  3. I patch the groovy sequencer to modulate this pitch of OSC2 so do some motion. I switch “Time Base” to Hertz, and then use the divide button to slow it down a bit. I programmed a few step (rotate the knob to create a series of steps to morph between).
  4. I map LFO1 to modulate the Sequencer and turn up the gain on the end-point so that the LFO causes the Sequencer to rotate and morph between steps.
  5. I patch ENV3 to the filter and turn up the gain and patch LP12 to the main OUT 1.
  6. I patch the output of OSC1 to the filter.
  7. Finally (see image below) , sweeten things up a bit, I switch to the “TWEAKS & FX” tab, turn on the delay and adjust delay params.


Listen to the end result.

Bazille’s special introductory price of $89 (+ VAT in the EU) has been extended until October 15. After that, the regular price is $129 (+ VAT in the EU).

Visit the official product page to buy or download a demo:

You may also want to check out this video I made showing how patch cables work in U-HE ACE. The premise is the same in Bazille.

Happy patching,

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO (meetup

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