(Modulate This) Synth: U-HE Bazille

U-HE Bazille: Public Beta + 30% Discount + First Patch + How To Video

I mentioned in an earlier post that U-HE was about to release Bazille. Good news – it’s now in public beta. You can get the beta here

U-HE is also offering a discount while the instrument is in beta.

If you're amazed by what you hear, you can purchase Bazille now at a 30% discount until two or three weeks after release (estimated for July 1). Purchase Bazille here [$89].

I downloaded it yesterday and am really enjoying it. Here is one of my first patches (screen shot of this patch is first image in post).

In this patch, OSC2 freq is modulating OSC 1. OSC1 phase distortion is being modulated with an LFO run through a lag generator. OSC1 is routed to filter and the cutoff is being modulated with the morphing sequencer. LFO2 is driving Factalize (kind of like sync). All the movement is in the patch. I'm just holding down a single key in different octaves.

 If this al seems a bit confusing – or you just want a nice overview of Bazille’s general workflow check out this nice how to video by ADSR Sounds.

Mark Mosher


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