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Black Friday Deals for Electronic Musicians


Looking for some deals on synths and such? Ronnie over at is doing a fantastic job tracking all deals over on here

SNAGHTML778e279I want to point out that all the individual synths that come with Native Instruments Komplete are half-off. This includes my desert island synth Absynth 5. I consider this a rig essential so if you don’t have it it’s only $99 bucks Massive and FM8 are also $99. Maschine expansions are also half-off and iMaschine is only .99.



Lastly I want to mention my friend and fellow Colorado artist Darren Kramer’s product The Gig Easy iPad mounts are $10 off. I really like this mount and use it in my rig.  I especially like how it rotates and locks into wither landscape or portrait positions and it has the perfect amount of friction for repositioning. Darren’s got an incredible list of artists using this like Heribie Hanckock, The Cars, Metalica, Steve Marting. Checkout the artist page here.


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