Show Report: Duran Duran Plays 1STBANK Center Broomfield (Denver)


Duran Duran played a great show last night at the1st Bank Center in the Denver (suburb of Broomfield which is about 15 minutes from Boulder). To put it simply, the band sounded fantastic, Simon’s voice was strong, and the mix was fantastic and I could clearly hear all the players including Nick Rhodes’s synths. I was a bit far back, but it looked like Nick was playing the gear noted in this recent Keyboard Magazine article:

Stand 1:

  • Korg Microkorg
  • MOTU MIDI Timepiece
  • Roland V-Synth GT
  • Alesis A6

Stand 2:

  • Roland V-Synth GT
  • Kurzweil K2000


Prior to the show starting the twitter hashtage #duranlive was displayed and selected tweets were scrolled on the screen. Here was my stream with a few tweets and :^)

The set list was a nice mix of past hits and new material which the smartly peppered throughout the set. The new material sounded great and included tracks such as “All You Need is Now”, “Girl Panic!”, “The Man Who Stole A Leopard”, and “Leave a Light On” which they are promoting as their next single.

The band played about two hours and finished out the set with an encore of “Wild Boys” with a bit of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” spiced into the break followed by “Rio”. Songs missing in action from the set were “Girls on Film”, and “Save a Prayer” but I’ve seen videos of them playing these this year so I’m sure with such a large catalog they rotate songs every night.

I took some photos with my iPhone 4 and placed them in a Flickr set.

There are plenty of tour dates left in the US and then they head off Brazil then the UK. If they are heading your way I recommend you check out this show as you’ll get to see a well rehearsed iconic band at the top of their game!

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4 responses to “Show Report: Duran Duran Plays 1STBANK Center Broomfield (Denver)”

  1. Great point. I think when Mark Ronson produced this latest album, he said much the same thing, that the band’s sound from the first two albums was influencing others so they should return to that sound.


  2. It would be awesome to take some of those footage and match it with a good recording of the show.
    They’re one of those bands that you owe it to yourself to see, having influenced so many different acts in different directions over the years musically, even if you don’t find you listen to them a lot there’s almost a guarantee you listen to 10 bands that have been influenced by Duran Duran.


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