Yamaha Releases Tenori-On 2.1 Firmware Update: What’s New + How to Find The Download + New Computer Control Overview


Hey look, my Tenori-On is running 2.10!!! 

What’s New

Note: I used Google to translate then used info from manual to edit the translation.

  1. TENORI-TENORI remote session capabilities between different ON-ON(TNR-W/TNR-O version 2.1 or later) via a MIDI cable.
  2. Joining a Multiplayer session features TNR-by connecting iPhone (yes the site says iPhone so perhaps there is also an iPhone app coming) or the iPad via TNR-i.  You can join a multiplayer session with Game Center.
  3. Control functions remotely from a computer
  4. Changed the way effect settings are saved. Effect settings (reverb type, reverb parameters, Chorus Type, Chorus parameters) can now be saved in Song, All Blocks, Current Blocks and All Settings.

Download the Firmware

Yamaha has now updated the official site with links and details on the firmware. Click here to jump to the official site and visit the support tab.

New “Remote” Mode


There is a new mode called Remote. I recommend you read the manual included in the zip file, but I will offer an overview here. Remote mode allows you to sync and share performance data between two hardware devices (TNR-O/TNR-W) as well as join a multiple session via an iOS device running TNR-i. Before you access it, Save all the performance data and settings “'File”-> “All Blocks” as remote mode needs this part of memory to operate and as a result deletes these settings. 

  1. To you access “Remote Mode” press [CLEAR] and [OK]
  2. Play the session
  3. Exit the session by pressing [Cancel] and [Clear]

 Computer Control Overview

If remote mode weren't cool enough, Yamaha also added the ability to remotely operate the hardware from a computer via MIDI. There is a very detailed MIDI Sysex specification in the manual in the kit so I’ll just offer a summary here. After a quick review of the MIDI implementation table it looks like you could pretty much control just about all major playing and navigation functions via MIDI Sysex!

  • Remote Mode On/Off Request
  • Remote Mode On/Off Reply
  • Turn LED’s On and Off
  • Turn button on at DRAW Mode
  • LED Button OFF at PUSH mode
  • LED Button hold at SCORE & RANDOM Modes
  • Rotation
  • Play/Pause
  • Loop indicator position
  • Clear/Reset: This Layer, This Block, All Blocks, Reset Blocks
  • Copy: to Block Number, to Layer Number, from Block Number, from Layer Number
  • Common Parameters: Master Volume, Tempo, Scale, Transpose, Loop Speed, Loop Point Top, Loop Point End; Reset Loop Timing, Mute, Swing Rate, Reverb Type, Reverb Param, Chorus Type, Chorus Param
  • Layer Parameter: Instrument, Sound Length, Loop Speed, Loop Point, Volume, Panpot, Animation type, Animation direction, Octav
  • Random Sequence Number
  • Current Block
  • Current Layer Change
  • Current Layer Notify

Update Details

Checkout the PDF manual in the zip for details on the update including a detailed MIDI Specification.

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5 responses to “Yamaha Releases Tenori-On 2.1 Firmware Update: What’s New + How to Find The Download + New Computer Control Overview”

  1. Agree, you can’t really compare the hardware with the app version but the app certainly will bring the Tenori-On concept to a wider audience.
    Here is another video demonstrating some of the benefits of remote mode

    Videos are iphone quality only; just to prove the concept…
    I’m starting a blog, you might like to read more, that will be the best place to share ideas.
    I’m compiling better quality sound versions at soundcloud.
    Check it… http://soundcloud.com/tim-landauer/


  2. I agree it would have been nice if Yamaha gave dealers a heads up. I also agree that TNR-W and TNR-O are overpriced. The iPad version doesn’t negate the hadeware version. The hardware version is a tangible instrument where the iPad edition is multi-touch. So if the app logic is all your after the iPad is fine. If you want the tangible interface and the light emiting LEDS on the back TNR-W is still useful. I use my TNR-W live and have not plans to sell it. The mobile version also drove the firmware support for collaborative sessions which was in the develoeprs original vision for all this so I think that’s cool as well.
    So just like with Korg Electribe – some will buy the cheap app, others will keep the hardware with tangible buttons and knobs.


  3. The TNR-i is not even available to the US, but is seemingly everywhere else. I just returned my TNR-W to the vendor for a refund, they said releasing this app is a slap in the face to people who recently bought the hardware version. No warning from yamaha on their plan to do this. Probably to trap a few more splurgers. I admit the hardware is cool, but it aint worth a grand if there is an exact copy in emulation for 10-20 bucks. I just spent the day getting a UK itunes account and UK itunes gift card so I can get my Tenori fix. The internet is awesome for finding answers to problems like this. Yamaha or iTunes will not sell me this in the US. I will just move to the UK. Psyche!


  4. The $10 app is no replacement for the wonderful tangible interface and visual feedback on both sides. The app did however encourage a new firmware update and the fulfillment of the original design idea of collaborative sessions.
    I love my TNR-W and have no plans of replacing it.


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