“Alien Radio Chatter MM” – A Free Patch for ElectraX Synthesizer

Alien Radio Chatter

Ready to tap into an alien radio conversation? Use of FM to introduce harsh squealing-like sound. Pitch of OSC 1 (which is inaudible but causes FM movement)  and filter movement via LFO. Organic and variable speed changes achieved with LFOs modulating speed of other LFOs.  “Random” as a modulation source  also introduces organic speed changes.

Performance Notes:

  • Mod Wheel changes Radio Frequency
  • After touch modulates the filter 1 which is set to “Vocal” creating an alien voice like quality.
  • Timbre changes across keyboard.

Soundclip: Alien Radio Chatter Patch for ElectraX by MarkMosher

Download patch: "Alien Radio Chatter MM.fxp

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