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Mark Mosher Concert Sunnyvale March 17 + DEVO March 18 in SF – Stop By and Say Hi

I’m flying out to the Bay Area in March for an awesome whirlwind  extended weekend filled with electronic music. I’ll be playing a show, plus going to see DEVO, plus talking AudioCubes with Bert from Percussa who’s visiting from Belgium. Details below if you want to swing by and say hi at my show or at the DEVO show.

Robert Edgar & Mark Mosher Live @ The Art Institute of California/Sunnyvale


I will be performing a set in my one-man-show format. Songs will include original instrumental electronic music from recent albums performed on keyboard, matrix controllers, Theremin, and visual instruments Tenori-on and Percussa AudioCubes.

Robert Edgar is performing a set using his Simultaneous Opposites Engine for real-time video traversals using MIDI Guitar.

Robert and I are having a conversation on Facebook about the possibility of merging our digital streams for a song as well.

It should be an interesting evening indeed!

The Art Institute of California/Sunnyvale – ROOM 602
1120 Kifer Rd
Sunnyvale, CA
Get directions in Google Maps

No Admission Fee

Event Page (Pass it on):

Devo with The Octopus Project



If you want to meet up and say hi before or after the show, follow me on twittter @, and the night of the show I’ll start tweeting out my coordinates.

Duty now spuds,

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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