(Blofeld) SwtchdOn 02 MM


SwtchdOn 02 is an arpeggiator patch for the Waldorf Blofled. The timbre is reminiscent of switched-on works from artists like Wendy Carlos.

Modulation notes:

  • Velocity = Volume
  • Last note played sets velocity for arp
  • Mod wheel dirties the patch up
  • After touch engage a pitch LFO

Performance notes:

  • Play chord and notes to trigger arp
  • Play around with Cutoff and Res for Filter 1 for extreme timbre changes
  • Press shift button and dial to Tempo parameter and fluctuate temp as you play
  • Use Clock knob to change arp clock
  • Press shift+play to temporarily stop arpeggiator


Patch Lab – Blofeld SwtchdOn02 Patch by MarkMosher

Download: MIDI Version | Sysex Version

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