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Ableton is Resetting Trial Versions for All Users

imageAbleton just announced they are resetting all trial versions. So if you’ve installed the trial before and it expired, you can now install it again and get another 30-day trial with no limits or disabled features.

According to Ableton:

“With support for The Bridge and the addition of Amp, the premium amp- and cabinet-modeler, recent updates to Ableton Live have seen a whole new world of possibilities. To allow everyone to try out these new features, we’re resetting the trial versions for all users…”

Get your free trial here:

Mark Mosher

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

5 replies on “Ableton is Resetting Trial Versions for All Users”

Actually that is very cleaver marketing. it will also provide users who had the ” I was just geting The hang of it ” A chance to re-aquit themselves with the program and perhaps this will even generate more buyers for ableton because they have a program that has Industry standard quality and work flows that are incredible. I use Ableton often in my home studio because of it , even majors TV shows are starting to use it like that show Ghost Adventures. Strong program and plus you dont have to worry about having interfaces at first. Which reminds me Pro Tools 9 can hook up anywhere and man when i say anywhere i mean anywhere it is dope !!!


The other cool thing about their free trial is that if you are traveling to play somewhere, and your laptop crashes but you have backups of your sets on something like a flashdrive, you can install Live trial on any laptop, and run your set saving your show. You just can’t save your changes.


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