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Music of The Walking Dead, Composer Bear McCreary’s Behind-the-Scenes Blog


Ok, I’m all caught up on The Walking Dead. Brilliant! I was quiet excited to find out that Bear McCreary was the composer for the show. If your not familiar with Bear, he also composed original music for Caprica, Eureka (although Mark Mothersbaugh wrote the theme), Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, the first season of Human Target, and of course Battlestar Galactica.

Back in the Battlestar Galactica days, Bear started Bear’s Battlestar Galactica Blog where he discussed his work on the show. While BSG is long gone, he still uses this blog to talk about his work.

For his current show The Walking Dead, he’s been both blogging and video blogging. I recommend the blog if you are interested in The Walking Dead and day in-the life notes of a Hollywood composer. Bear really does a fantastic job writing and talking about his work. The videos include Bear commenting on the work as well as behind-the-scenes sessions shots. Great stuff.

The videos are streaming from his site as .flv’s so rather than try an embed here I’ll just send you off to Bear’s site. This is a better move anyway as the text in the blog will help give you context. He also includes MP3s clips of some of the cues.

Bear's Battlestar Galactica Blog:

Bear McCreary Official Web Site:


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