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Bastiaan van Noord Releases New Sound set for Gladiator 2


Ronnie over at just did a post on the release of a new Gladator 2 soundset by Bastiaan Van Noord. I thought I’d re-blog this news as well as Gladiator 2 is one of my all time favorite virtual instruments. I’m also a fan of Bastiaan Van Noord’s work in previous sound sets.


I also noticed Bastiaan has started his own company for sound design work here

Workstation Sound Set info:

Workstation is a Gladiator 2 soundset featuring 155 new and exciting presets designed by Bastiaan van Noord, showcasing what Gladiator's Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis is capable of. A collection of warm & lush pads, beautiful soundscapes, pumping basses and fierce synth sounds, suitable for a wide range of music genres, including Progressive, Electronica, IDM, Minimal and Cinematic.


Mark Mosher, Blogger, Electronic Musician, Boulder ,CO

2 replies on “Bastiaan van Noord Releases New Sound set for Gladiator 2”

Hi Ronnie,
First the sound. Big, cuts right throught mix. Second the arpeggiator and step-lfo – Awesome. Third, HCM synthesis. I think ads a realy movement. The interface is more obscure for this than usign like MSEGs in wavetables, but once you learn it, it’s quite fast. Fourth, awesome presets to start with. I do program from “init” but a lot of times I’ll grab a preset and tweek.


Mark, what do you think sets Gladiator 2 apart from other soft synths, and what in particular do you like about it?
I really like some of the sounds in this new set, especially the eerie stuff.


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