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“From Germany With Love” I Reenter the Programmable Hardware Synthesizer World with Waldorf Blofeld


Since 2006 I’ve been working exclusively with virtual synthesizers. Prior to this I spent years, and years – uh, and years working with digital hardware synthesizers and samplers. I’ve officially reentered the programmable hardware synthesis realm when I took delivery of my new Waldorf Blofeld yesterday.

I’ll post more on why I went with Blofeld and what I’ll be doing with it in the future. For now, enjoy some synth porn. Click the pictures below to see larger versions.



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9 replies on ““From Germany With Love” I Reenter the Programmable Hardware Synthesizer World with Waldorf Blofeld”

Thanks for the links.
I’m trying the first one. It’s actually quite good. You can manage presets plus use it for patch editing. Editing patches with it is actually making the architecture more clear as you can see all the params laid out.
Took me about an hour of poking around to figure out the workflow.


Hi Al,
Yes, I got Licenses SL right away. Already moving some re-sampled sound design and Live audio over into the Blofeld. Fantastic!
Do yo know of a good librarian that supports blofeld. I don’t need an editor as I’m happy with editing on the Blofeld. Just want a better way to Insert and manage presets.


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