Camel Audio Alchemy V1.12 Released Along with New FActory Content


Camel Audio has released Alchemy V1.12.22. It is a free update for registered users. Along with this update they have released a new set of samples and presets for the Factory library as part of the Group Buy bonuses.

Alchemy is one of my favorite synths for sound design and AudioCube work. I think it’s amazing that they are still offering content to reward those who participated in the group buy! I’m really enjoying some of the new presets, especially the Choirs. I also find that with each point release, Alchemy GUI gets a little snappier.

Registered users should visit, login and download updates.

I’ve pasted update info from their web site below.

V1.12 Update Change Log:
This update includes many new features and bug fixes including improved Cameleon preset import, playback position indicators for all editors, the performance octave switch remains active when changing presets for easy key switching between remix snapshots, equal power cross-fading between sources, increased zoom levels for some editors, improved skinning and numerous other improvements. This version of Alchemy no longer requires the main Alchemy key file as the users registration details are now encrypted and embedded directly in to the Alchemy binary file for improved security and protection.

The first set of bonuses from the Group Buy are also available:

* Choirs, Basses & Keys – 500MB samples
* Viral Infection from Nucleus Soundlab – 1GB samples
* 150 new presets making use of the latest sample content
* Four tutorial videos illustrating how to use Alchemy more effectively

Registered users of Alchemy can download the latest update, new content and view the tutorials by logging in to their support account. A list of new presets sorted by category is available, along with a list of the new samples. The release notes for all versions of Alchemy since v1.08 is available here.

New Features in Alchemy v1.12:

– Improved Cameleon preset import
– Source editor playback position indicator
– Step sequencer playback position indicator
– MSEG playback position indicator
– XY-MSEG position indicator
– Octave control in perform stays active when changing presets
– Snap X in additive editor – now allows tempo sync of additive sounds
– MSEG views retain zoom level and position
– Randomize MSEGs and Step Sequencers
– Increased maximum zoom levels for MSEG and additive editor displays
– Menu option in spectral editor to set logarithmic scaling of Y-axis
– XY equal power cross-fading
– Alchemy key file is now embedded into the Alchemy component
– Remix pad numbers are now optional for custom skins
– XY pad background image is now customisable
– XY pad triangles are now optional
– Knob sizes in GUI skin files are no longer a fixed size

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed partials to initialize on first note
– Fixed missing MIDI unlearn on remix pad controls
– Fixed hanging notes for presets using single voice mode in Sonar 8
– Fixed the global tuning profile to also affect spectral sources
– Fixed the scaling of the formant filter
– Fixed display switch to ModMap editor when selecting formants
– Fixed a crash when closing and opening the GUI, then using the "Back" arrow
– Fixed a crash when closing the GUI with the depth modulation view displayed
– Fixed a crash after failing to locate files via SFZ
– Fixed unreliable behaviour of forward / back sample buttons
– Fixed multiple prompts for missing external audio files
– Fixed missing SFZ extender in Voices 2, 3 & 4
– Fixed source selection button failing to reset on clear
– Fixed re-draw of additive data when importing CSV or AAZ files
– Fixed rendering of spectral data when importing AAZ or CSV files
– Fixed legato behaviour
– Fixed file clear not always clearing all values
– Fixed file locating after loading a preset and clicking "Next Sample"
– Fixed alignment of additive / spectral editor warp markers
– Fixed display of File menu text when changing the default GUI mode
– Fixed range checking when importing spectral CSV data
– Fixed additive editor behaviour around final breakpoint
– Fixed PNG import to additive engine to preserve number of oscillators
– Fixed setting of additive partial pitch in editor
– Fixed selection of last preset in a bank to wraps around to the first
– Fixed EQ2 gain control to display parameter values
– Fixed display of MSEG end points when dragged outside of MSEG editor area
– Fixed paste breakpoints to affect only the selected breakpoint
– Fixed save consolidated so that AAZ's are copied if the preset name has changed
– Fixed solo button redraw problems in edit mode
– Fixed double click of granular density resets to 6 grains
– Fixed source control redraw problem with Simple mode File -> Clear
– Fixed source filter 1 "On" button to work over whole surface
– Fixed CSV import when last value is non-zero
– Fixed the number of oscillators resetting to 1 when selecting different oscillator waves
– Fixed PNG import to the additive editor to set the correct number of oscillators
– Fixed an issue with the title display of some FX rack items
– Fixed some unreliable behaviour when importing data from an external folder
– CSV import to the additive editor now allows non-zero values for the final breakpoint
– Removed hard coded references to GUI elements and sizes
– Changed partial pitch offset format in additive CSV import / export
– Fixed "File Not Found" error for SFZ's using full path specification (Win)
– Fixed permissions problem after installation, which sometimes caused a crash (OS X)

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2 responses to “Camel Audio Alchemy V1.12 Released Along with New FActory Content”

  1. Yeah, it’s always good to tweak or create your own, especailly if you use found sound as a source. One nice thing about the the presets is they have a lot of great waveform content that you can use a starting point to create original patches.


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