Ableton Live 7.0.2 Free Update Available


Ableton has released Live 7.0.2, a free update for registered users. You can download the update from or by using the ‘Check for updates…’ command from Live’s help menu.

What’s in Live 7.0.2? A large number of updates and an even larger number of fixes for Live 7 , Sampler, Operator, Analog, Tension, and Electric.

I was really looking forward to this release because my song Midnight which was created in Live 6 wasn’t playing back correctly in Live 7. In Live 7, the MIDI velocity was not interpreted in the exact same way. I’m happy to report that 7.0.2 fixed the problem.

Below is a list of highlights and a link to the full change log.


  • Dropping instruments onto tracks, pads or chains replaces the complete device chain and not only the previous instrument. To replace the instrument only, you can drag it over the previous instrument.
  • The inline Rack mixer provides an “Extract chains” command via its context menu.
  • In the mixer, chains are now treated as any other track concerning solo. That way soloing a chain in the Session mixer mutes every track except the one containing the Rack.
  • Smaller button for automation lanes.
  • Include the track index only in automatic names, but not in user names (also not in the routing choosers).
  • Support for Propellerheads Recycle 1 files (.rcy).
  • Support for the following control surfaces:Faderfox LV1, LX1, LV2, LX2, LC2 & LD2; Korg ZERO8; Akai MPD32.
  • Drum Rack Support for Korg KONTROL49 & microKONTROL.
  • Updated Manuals.
  • Updated Lesson pack.

Bug Fixes:

  • The current velocity value when creating a MIDI note is kept globally. Changing the velocity of the MIDI keyboard also updates the current velocity value.
  • Replacing a Drum Rack could set Macro values to the values of the Macros from the previous Rack.
  • MIDI controller support for Drum Racks would not work properly when loading a Live set containing a Drum Rack.
  • Resizing of Arrangement tracks would not always work properly.
  • Live could crash when selecting a folder below the system VST folder as the custom VST folder.
  • Freezing of tracks containing Analog, Electric or Tension would not work properly.
  • Dragging nested instruments which have associated automation lanes into a new track would not remove the lanes from the previous track.
  • Changing the plug-in buffer size could result in incorrect delay compensation.

View the a list of all changes, checkout the full change log here –

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