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Happy New Year – Meet My New Controller the Novation reMote 25 SL

Ok, I’m a little late with my New Years wishes – but better late than never.

Posts have been scarce as I’ve been off the grid for a bit with the holidays and all, but I will start posting articles again soon. I’ve also got some improvements in mind for the blog in 2008 that I will be rolling out over the next few months. Here is to a creative and prosperous New Year!!!

Novation ReMOTE 25 SL MIDI ControllerI also wanted to mention that Santa left a Novation ReMOTE 25 SL MIDI Controller under the tree :^). The controller is simply fantastic when used with Ableton Live.

Stay tuned for some posts about setup and usage.

2 replies on “Happy New Year – Meet My New Controller the Novation reMote 25 SL”

Three pads on my Axiom died and it is out of warranty which is why I decided on a new controller. I don’t regret owning the Axiom and would recommend it for those on a budget.
If you are using Ableton Live, the Automap capability of the ReMote series is really fantastic and should be considered if you have the bucks. Using the ReMote with Live is almost like having a hardware workstation again (you know, like a Korg Triton).


You prefer it over the Axiom?
My Axiom seems to be getting a common ailment – blue screen flickers and resets the MIDI mapping. Some report this it’ll soon be dead once it starts doing this.
Its out of warranty so I was considering replacement or upgrade. Novation tops the list.


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