The Insider’s Guide to Ableton Live

Computermusic_live2006 just announced that "For the second year in a row, Computer Music magazine has dedicated
a special issue exclusively to Ableton Live. The Insider’s Guide to
Ableton Live
features a mix of both beginner and advanced tutorials, a
special story on Live user groups and custom Live Packs made especially
for the issue. The issue is available through January on UK newsstands and at selected Borders and Barnes & Noble outlets worldwide." You can also buy this online.

Here is a description of the issue from Computer Music Magazines web site.

If you use Ableton Live – or want to – this brand-new CM Special is
for you. Put together with the help of Ableton technical experts, the
world’s most hardcore Live users and CM’s own crew of music production
pros, this is a collection of insider’s tips and tricks that you just
won’t find anywhere else. For producers, DJs and musicians.


  • Build a track in Live 6
  • Make your arrangements flow
  • Get your head round Live’s most misunderstood features
  • Perform advanced MIDI tricks
  • Put the new Racks through their paces
  • Get to grips with Sampler
  • Compose and sync sound to picture
  • Integrate Live with a traditional DJ setup
  • Discover advanced techniques and hacks

Plus! On the CD

  • Exclusive Ableton Live Pack

Kicking electronic percussion and atmospheric pads from electronic
master Dennis DeSantis, ready to drop into your latest project

  • CM ModMachines Lite Live Pack

A collection of extreme sounds from TrackTeam Audio, featuring
pumped-up drums, big synths, kicking bass, twisted effects, expressive
keys, amazing atmospheres and dozens of convoluted effects chains.
Bring out the best in your tracks!


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2 responses to “The Insider’s Guide to Ableton Live”

  1. ….. Hi, does anyone have a copy of the special issue available? Would be great!!!!


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