Ableton Live 6 – Coming in September 2006

New_in_live_6Ableton has announced they will release Ableton Live 6 in September 2006.

Free upgrades to Live 6 are available to those who purchased Live 5 between July 14 and October 31. Information on this offer and general pricing is available here

Here is a list of the big new features:

  • Multicore and Multiprocessor Support
  • Movie Import
  • Essential Instrument Collection
  • Instrument and Effect Racks
  • New and Improved Devices
  • Deep Freeze
  • Project Management Tools
  • Important Improvement
  • Essential Instrument Selection (multi-gigabyte library of sounds). Note: The Essential Instrument Collection will not be included with
    downloadable purchases. Download customers can choose, however, to have
    the Live 6 box including the Essential Instrument Collection shipped to
    them later for an additional fee.

Go here for more details on what’s new:

I’ll be posting more on this upgrade soon.

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