FL Studio 6.1 Beta Has Released

Flstudiobeta610shotFL Studio 6.1 has released and is available for registered users.

As always, Image Line has packed this update with tons of new features. Two the require special mention are a new audio editor called Edison and a new effect called Love Philter (click the image on the left to see a larger view).

Edison is an integrated audio editing tool that replaces the old Wave Editor. In addition to being an audio editor,  "Edison loads into an effect slot (in any mixer track) and will then record or
play audio from that position."

"Fruity Love Philter is the most powerful filter plugin in FL Studio.
However, Fruity Love Philter can, due to its architecture perform much more than
filtering effects. As the plugin consists of 8 identical filter units, each able
to be feed to the next in the chain, it can be used to create complex delay,
gating and filtering effects." It reminds me an advanced software version of a Korg KAOSS Pad KP2.

Here is a list of what’s new:

  • New Edison audio editor.
  • New Fruity Love Philter effect plugin.
  • Sytrus:
    – hint in harmonics editor not lagging anymore.
    – ctrl+shift to bypass point snapping.
    – multilevel undo & display updates.
    – little speed improvement when processing arpeggiated/gated presets.
    – Small UI changes & optimizations in Sytrus
    – slightly improved plucked string generator.
    – several speedups when triggering voices, computing & importing shapes.
  • Support for 16bit integer/32bit float/mono/stereo samples inside FL, Fruity Granulizer & Fruity Slicer.
  • BeepMap: can now drop bitmaps onto channel buttons.
  • Fixed little memory leak in browser’s history.
  • Little GUI redesign.
  • Fixed wrong displayed hint for automation clips.
  • No more flicker when resizing plugin windows.
  • New resampling engine, support for mono & 32bit wavs.
  • Mapped scroll-lock key to FL’s autoscrolling.
  • Switched to Delphi 2006.
  • Fixed tiny glitch with mixer icons.
  • Improved audio recording to disk (no more crackles when recording lots of mixer tracks).
  • Reworked toolbars, with CPU usage graph and RAM meter.
  • Can now edit samples from the browser item popup.          
  • Can now drop any file onto the browser to get the folder added to the extra folders
  • Added large browser aspect.
  • Fixed minor bug in multiband compressor (master meter was all mono).
  • Fixed crashing bug in granulizer.
  • Little bugfix in Fruity Delay Bank.
  • Audio device now stored by name rather than by index.
  • Right-shift in piano roll & playlist to pan the editor (same as in Edison).
  • Faster slicing in FL, Fruity Slicer, Fruity Granulizer and Edison.
  • Added spectral view in Fruity Slicer.
  • Fixed crashing project browser when a mixer control was linked in omni mode.
  • Fruity wrapper:
    – added "Invalidate editor window" option (on by default)
    – fixed bug in preset names that start with "-"
    – bugfix: effect version copies input to output when no plugin is loaded
    – bugfix: "fixed size buffers" option is now saved for each plugin
  • FPC:
    – added popup menu for sample displays
    – middle-click on a sample display now opens that sample in Edison
    – fixed layer display after dropping a wave
    – fixed a crashing bug with empty layers
    – reimplemented resampling
    – some minor bugfixes
    – re-implemented sample loading, it’s now independent of FL’s sample loading and loads mono and 32bit samples faster
    – fixed two bugs importing midi files
    – mousewheel now controls the tabs, ctrl+mousewheel now controls the layer scroller
  • ReWired: added selection of bus and channel for the ReWired channel to send its notes to (midi options window)
  • FL DXi: updated calculation of time information to prevent continuous resynchronizing in Sonar versions 4.04 and up

Remember, this is a beta and Image Line Recomends:

1) It is recommended to install this beta version in a separate folder from earlier versions of FL Studio.

2) Since this is a beta version, it might crash.

3) It might not be fully compatible with the final release, so don’t do any critical work with it.

This version uses the same registry entries as FL Studio 6, so it might
cause your existing installation to malfunction in some way (though not
in any way irreversible).

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