Sneak peak at the next version of Windows – Windows Vista, MTV Urge Music Service, Windows Mobile, Media Center, XBOX 360 and more…

Windows Vista is still a year away, but you can get a sneak peak into the next version by watching the webcast of the Bill Gates Keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006. The keynote offers a live demonstration of some of the "fantastic new features" of Vista. The video is rather long, so here is a time index:

  • 8:52 – Bill Gates Keynote
  • 24m50s Vista Presentation by group product manager (definitely worth a look!)
  • 36:50 – President of MTV Networks – Announcing "Urge" Music Network 2 Million Music Library
  • 4:50 – Live demo of Urge Music Service 4m50s
  • 44:10 – Justin Timberlake – yup – you heard right
  • 45:30 – Bill Gates, Discussion of Tablet PCs
  • 47:32 – Windows Mobile (including the new Palm® Treo 700w)
  • 49:30 – Wireless phones in the home including VOIP using messenger
  • 50:50 – Seamless TV/Video/PC experience
  • 53:30 – Media Center
  • 55:00 – Media Center Partners (Intel, content partners, Direct TV, etc…)
  • 58:00 – Live demo of Media Center and syncing media into handhelds
  • 1:19:10 – Xbox 360
  • 1:28:00 –  a Live demo of XBOX 360, Bill Gates vs. Steve Balmer playing Fight Night Round 3- ahhh – you heard right
  • 1:33:35 – Bill Gates wraps it up – "2006 will be a good year for the digital lifestyle"

See other webcasts here

You can also visit the official Windows Vista page to keep up on Microsoft’s progress.

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