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Video of Presents: 3.1 – “Approaching light, sound and space with a singular vision” – Whoa!

I just discovered via some videos on the Fact Magazine YouTube Channel.

“ was formed back in 2016 as an outlet for the ambitious audiovisual projects of Russian artists Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius. Approaching light, sound and space with a singular vision, understanding them as essential parts of a monolithic whole, the duo create awe-inspiring works of grand scale which are defined by an esoteric aesthetic sensibility and a distinctly cinematic quality.”

Check this video of the Presents: 3.1 – Whoa!

With 3.1, play with perspective, illuminating the K-30 space in Saint Petersburg with floor-to-ceiling light installations. Shifting light sequences and spatial sound simulate a vast sci-fi tunnel into the unknown, which in the above video presentation is traversed by a solitary unknown figure.

Fact Magazine also published a Patch Notes video for this performance here…

well more of a behind-the-scenes view of the music really – but still cool to see.

The description in the video sheds more light on what they are up to…

On their debut album, 404.0, Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius channel a wide array of influences as diverse as Autechre, Tangerine Dream and Sunn O))) as they move through eight meditative compositions that touch on cosmic drone, ink-dark ambient and searing industrial.

In this very special episode of Patch Notes the Russian duo deliver a stunning modular synth showcase live from Saint Petersburg’s Sevkabel Port. Using a unique setup, which includes a LYRA-8 organismic analogue synthesiser from Soma Laboratory, a variety of Eurorack modules, a Buchla 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input and Tactile Input Port and an electronic cello, give us an introduction to their cathartic sound.


Artist Web Site –

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